Google to allow users to download and watch YouTube videos offline in India

Google unveiled the first Android One smartphones today and also announced that it will bring offline capabilities to YouTube users in India, which will allow users to save videos offline and watch them anywhere, without the need for a data connection.

YouTube executive Ceasar Sengupta mentioned at the launch event that the move was to better serve users in the country, where a consistent cellular data connection is not always available.

YouTube is popular here. You watch some videos again and again. How awesome would it be if you could keep watching them again and again without having to pay for data, and take the videos with you wherever you go?

Within the coming few weeks, much of YouTube will be available offline in India.

This is huge, and our users will really, really like this. You can download a video once, save it to your phone, and watch it again and again.

The service will not be restricted to music videos, and users will have the ability to download any video off the service and store it offline. Google did not mention as to when offline availability will launch in the country, nor has it stated whether the service will be available in other countries.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]