Multiverse Labs launches Sharjahverse  metaverse with government of Sharjah, UAE

Sharjahverse is a government-backed metaverse city available to the public.

Multiverse Labs has teamed up with the Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) to launch Sharjahverse, a new generation of metaverse tourism for the Emirate of Sharjah.

Using the Multiverse Labs platform, Sharjahverse is a significant milestone as it is the first true metaverse of city scale with economic and social utility.

Sharjahverse, encompassing all of Sharjah at 2,590 square kilometres (1,000 square miles), not only brings the emirate to a global audience and boosts the tourism economy, but also creates metaverse jobs for local employees at Sharjah’s iconic sights.

It is a photorealistic, physics-accurate metaverse that unlocks commerce, innovation and imagination at scale and promotes the emirate as a destination of excellence. Sharjah is widely known as the cultural and historical heart of the UAE.

His Excellency Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman, SCTDA said:

“Transforming the mass market tourism industry towards next-generation, sustainable practices requires a new way of thinking. Virtual tourism in Sharjahverse will provide unprecedented access to almost any location, personalized guest experiences and enhanced entertainment. Multiverse’s ground-breaking and AI-driven approach will help push the limits of imagination and promote Sharjah as a destination of excellence.”

Multiverse’s platform is so realistic, it is being utilized around the world for more than just recreation, including simulations, services, and A.I. optimization.

It includes avatars generated from photographs of actual people, player-owned creations, and social interactions missing in digital twin platforms.

That’s why we call Multiverse the first true metaverse; it’s far more than just land or a game.

Serge Lemonde, Global Head, NVIDIA Inception said:

“NVIDIA Inception is designed to bolster cutting-edge start-ups, like Multiverse Labs, who are applying AI in new and innovative ways that ultimately benefit society.”

Multiverse Labs will also enable new opportunities for a changing planet as the nation-scale metaverse for simulation can reduce energy consumption and increase facility optimization.

Initially applied to the commerce and tourism industry today, it will advance into broader areas including public services, foreign direct investment, real estate, industrial factory zones, and the energy industry.

Cliff Szu, CEO, Multiverse Labs said:

“Sharjahverse is both the world’s first government backed metaverse city viewable by the public, and the world’s most realistic metaverse. We’re beyond excited to be collaborating with the visionaries at SCTDA: His Excellency Chairman Khalid Jasim Al Midfa and His Excellency Director Sheikh Salim Mohammed Al Qassimi, and the exceptional marketing department at SCTDA.”

It’s enabled by our advanced generative A.I. and incredible team. We recently joined the NVIDIA Inception program and we used NVIDIA RTX technology for our projects. The creation of something on the scale of Sharjahverse just a year ago would have been impossible.”

Members of the public at GITEX 2022 can experience Sharjahverse first-hand and create their own realistic avatar on the first and second floors of the epic Digital Sharjah stand.