Somnium Space

Somnium Space Live Forever mode could make you immortal in the metaverse

Company intends to accomplish immortality by collecting an extraordinary amount of data

Somnium Space is to offer ‘immortality’ to its users with a new ‘Live Forever’ mode, a way for people to live on into eternity in the metaverse.

The company intends to accomplish this by collecting an extraordinary amount of data. The company will need to harvest all sorts of personal data including conversations, movements, and facial expressions.

With enough data, Somnium Space hopes to create a digital avatar that can have at least a short conversation before it’s clear the person is a computer program.

Somnium Space is a virtual world that utilizes a blockchain metaverse and is available to the public through Steam, where players are allowed to trade, socialize, and own virtual land. 

The ‘Live Forever’ mode is off by default, and the company will not collect any of the users’ data unless they opt-in to pay.

Not many details were shared on how it will be achieved, but the plan is to give the information to an AI, which will recreate your avatar in the VR world. The first batch of test subjects are set to roll out on Somnium Space next year, even if they’ll only possess basic movements and conversational abilities.