Zensports launches ZenSportsia Metaverse For The Future Athlete

Users will be able to mint their own ZenSportstian NFT’s starting on March 28, 2022

ZenSports has launched ZenSportsia, a new metaverse for the future athlete. As part of ZenSportsia, ZenSports will launch a collection of 10,000 NFT futuristic athletes that are stronger, faster, and smarter than today’s athletes.

Users will be able to mint their own ZenSportstian NFT’s starting on March 28, 2022 to become part of the metaverse community and earn benefits in the sports and gaming world. ZenSportsian NFT’s will provide utility benefits via the ZenSportsia metaverse, ZenSports gaming community, and mobile applications.

Of the aforementioned NFT collection, 50% (5,000) will be available during the Presale to whitelist members. 48% (4,800) will be available for sale to the general public, and 2% (200) will be gifted to members of the Zensports team.

According to ZenSports Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas,

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“The ZenSports team is passionate about decentralization, and particularly, decentralized finance and gaming. We are thrilled to be venturing into the exciting metaverse and Web 3 world with the launch of ZenSportsia.

ZenSports has always been at the forefront of all things gaming and sports-related since we launched back in 2017, and we remain deeply committed to a decentralized world where gamers, athletes, and bettors can transact in a trustworthy manner that provides more choice than any other platform out there.”

Holders of Zensportsian NFT’s will receive a number of exciting benefits, including, but not limited to:

  •       Monthly prize drawings for luxurious in-person sporting events. For example, win an all-expense paid trip for two to watch the Superbowl or the World Cup in person.
  •       Esports tournament benefits, including monthly invite-only tournaments, reduced entry fees, mulligan cards, side tournaments, and even special rule sets.
  •       Annual Esports Tournament Championship Series with significant prize money added.
  •       Access to exclusive Discord channel with NFT and cryptocurrency giveaways.
  •       Discount fees and increased rewards across the ZenSports betting app and cryptocurrency trading exchange.
  •       Exclusive in-person networking events across the globe. For example, World Cup watch parties with food and beverage provided, etc.
  •       Automatic highest-tier status at all in-person ZenSports locations and casinos (currently Big Wheel Casino in Nevada, but more locations to come soon).

The ZenSportsia community is made up of gamers, sports bettors, athletes, and fans. According to Thomas,

“We are passionate about all things sports, from playing Esports tournaments to betting on the Superbowl to watching future athletes crush it. We are competitive and like to win, but we’re also here to help each other out, answer each other’s questions, and improve each other’s gaming skills.”

Originally just an app for friends to meet up and play recreational sports, ZenSports turned to sports betting in 2019, and in August last year, it garnered a rare and difficult-to-get Nevada non-restricted gaming license, which enables ZenSports to perform any form of legal gaming within the state of Nevada, including slots, table games, and of course, sports betting.

ZenSports also offers a wide variety of esports tournament software features and services that can bring any game to reality, including tournament brackets, registration and payments, broadcasting/streaming through Twitch, chatting via Discord, and prizes/rewards utilizing cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

ZenSports inked an agreement with Splinterlands in June last year to host their tournaments in the ZenSports mobile app. Splinterlands has more than 400,000 daily active users and is one of the fastest growing blockchain-based games in esports. ZenSports hosted over 40 individual esports tournaments in 2021 and has a full slate of tournaments scheduled for 2022.

Anyone who wants to join ZenSportsia and/or mint an NFT can check out the ZenSportsia website or ZenSports Discord channel.