Grooveshark issue takedown notice to SharkPhone

Windows Mobile and BlackBerry are notorious for a lack of native apps and this is leading to third party app developers attempting to fill the void. However, third party apps are always at risk depending on how they are coded and what APIs they use, if any.

SharkPhone is a third-party client for online music streaming service Grooveshark. Grooveshark once said they had no plans for Windows Phone because Microsoft would not allow such an app in the Store. A month ago and third party app SharkPhone hit the app store..

Grooveshark has now requested that SharkPhone be removed from the Windows Phone Store and the developer has received a takedown notice from Grooveshark who claim that SharkPhone violates their Terms of Service and they want the app removed from the Windows Phone Store.

SharkPhone is still available in the Windows Phone Store, but it might not be for much longer.

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Unfortunately, if the app is using any unofficial APIs then Grooveshark has the right to request that the app be removed.

How this pans out will be of interest not only to this case but to any third party app developers watching.

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