Adventure Go

Adventure Go launches Seek-to-Earn (S2E) Web3 project

Adventure Go team has achieved all milestones planned for Q1 & Q2 2022

Adventure Go has launched a Seek-to-Earn Web3 project that was born in early 2022 and has now officially launched.

The app promotes a Healthy Lifestyle by encouraging users to go out and SEEK for hidden treasures scattered around the globe and get rewarded in the journey. It allows users of all age groups and fitness levels to improve their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

“It’s probably the simplest app you’ve ever used, literally. User only needs to equip NFT devices, scan for nearby treasure box, and go to the location to seek for it using AR technology and get some awesome NFT and token rewards!” Says CTO of Adventure Go – Parker Zhai.

The innovation of “Seek-to-Earn” goes far beyond just another “X-to-Earn” Web3 app. The company says it has fundamentally solved the core issue that is experienced by even the most successful Web3 apps – the pyramid scheme ecosystem.

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In Adventure Go, the Seek-to-Earn model has the ability to manually drop treasure boxes to any location. This gives the project team the power to work with any commercial partner, any owner of any point of interest, to promote their businesses by dropping a treasure box at any point of interest.

By directing the users to businesses’ doorsteps, the users get their usual rewards + more promotional items from the commercial partners; the commercial partners get more business directly to their doorstep; and the project team has a more sustainable ecosystem through this new business model — a win-win-win business model, right here!

“The potential is limitless.” Says CEO of Adventure Go – Angela Shi. “This app will be reshaping people’s lifestyle by liberating them from stressful everyday life to a joyful and rewarding one. At the same time, we are reconnecting businesses to customers at the post-pandemic era in a new dimension that no one has reached before.

We are actively engaging with global business leaders, and we welcome all businesses and tourism agencies to come and talk to us regarding any potential collaboration.

We have the best team and the best product here and we have full confidence Adventure Go will become the next phenomenon product swiping the globe.”

Four founders CEO-Angela Shi, CSO-Bolei Deng, CTO-Parker Zhai, COO-William Ho from Australia are the brains behind this promising Web3 app.

They are the top players of their own industries and all have rich experience in blockchain. The senior partner of the project Greg Li MD MMSc. is the Co-Chair of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs who bridges this dream team to the best quality resources and connections to make this project even more success.  

Adventure Go team has achieved all milestones planned for Q1 & Q2 2022. The team is running on full steam and will be launching their alpha version development and Genesis NFT Presale event in July, Internal Test in August, and Public Beta in September.

The much-anticipated global event, the “Heritage of the World” is scheduled in December.