BetaMars to Launch NFT Mystery Box Presale at 40% Discount

BetaMars is a metaverse game project themed on "Building a Metaverse Civilization"

BetaMars is to initially offer two kinds of NFT mystery boxes——the Land NFT mystery box and the Ticket NFT mystery box on Galler in presale from April 20. The company says that to thank all the players for their continued support, the first BetaMars NFT mystery boxes will be pre-sold at a 40% discount.

BetaMars is a metaverse game project themed on “Building a Metaverse Civilization” which contains various elements such as NFT, SLG, P2E, DAO. It aims to build a highly free and decentralized metaverse ecology through the digital twin. There are two identities to get high revenue in the game: Lords and Miners, which can be activated by Land NFT and Ticket NFT respectively.

In the past few months, thousands of volunteers in the BetaMars community have completed the two closed beta tests on BSC testnet, providing many suggestions upon technology, game experience, and data calculation for optimization. In the ongoing 3rd test, there is a volunteer team get 1.64 million EP (the starting EP is expected to be 0.0025 USDT) in just one day, proving BetaMars’s business model truly provides high revenue and a short payback period again.

It has also been praised as one of the most promising metaverse game projects of 2022 by several VC agencies.

BetaMars game will be officially launched after the closed beta. It is said that the team plans to start NFT mystery box presale to benefit the early participants, which allows users to purchase BetaMars NFT products at a 40% discount.

BetaMars Mystery Box

The BetaMars NFT mystery box presale will be listed on Galler, a well-known NFT trading platform, on April 20. In the Ticket NFT mystery box, there are common Ticket NFT and Galler co-brand Ticket NFT, while in the Land mystery box there are 4 different Land NFTs, respectively 2*2, 4*4, 4*8, 8*8. Buying one can get one NFT randomly.

In the presale, the offering price of Ticket NFT mystery box will be 0.15BNB, while the Land NFT mystery box 2.2BNB. Each kind is limited to 3,000 boxes.

Previously, BetaMars Land NFT had been auctioned on the Binance NFT trading market at a starting price of 0.5ETH. During the auction, the highest trade is a 8*8 Land NFT for 2.8ETH. But in this presale, the offering price of Land NFT mystery box is only 0.3ETH, with a chance to get a 4*8 or 8*8 Land NFT.

Moreover, the BetaMars team plans to issue about 5 million project ecological token EP with the offering price of 0.0025 USDT on the first day of the game’s launch, which means there’ll be 12,500 USDT to be divided by online players on that day. It’s safe to say that gaining entry to the game (namely Land NFT and Ticket NFT) in this presale event is obviously the best cost-effective solution.

According to the BetaMars team, the NFT mystery box presale event launched with Galler aims to bring more benefits to BetaMars and Galler eco users with their influences. Meanwhile, it also fully prepares for the official launch of the BetaMars game. This prepale provides an opportunity to buy BetaMars NFTs at the most favorable price on Galler. Additionally, those who have successfully purchased mystery boxes can be the early participants to earn more revenue as soon as the game is launched.