BlackBerry re-elects Board of Directors as Watsa Scrapes through

Prem Watsa receives the most opposition,

BlackBerry held its annual and special meeting Wednesday with the eight nominees listed in the company’s management proxy circular dated May 2, 2022, for the company’s annual and special meeting of shareholders held on June 22, 2022, elected as directors to serve until BlackBerry’s next annual shareholder meeting or until their successors are elected or appointed.

The company took up eight directors for a vote as promised, and all eight won approval, with CEO John Chen receiving 83.94% of votes in favour.

Some more opposition was lodged against Richard Lynch (27.18% withheld) and Michael Daniels (36.3% withheld).

The company’s lead director Fairfax Financial’s Prem Watsa, received the most opposition, scraping through with 50.73% of votes for his nomination to 49.27% withheld.

The detailed results of the vote are set out below.

Election of Directors

NomineeVotes For% ForVotes Withheld% Withheld
John Chen192,327,10983.94 %36,804,13016.06 %
Michael A. Daniels145,952,54063.70 %83,178,69836.30 %
Timothy Dattels216,574,80594.52 %12,556,4345.48 %
Lisa Disbrow216,463,36194.47 %12,667,8775.53 %
Richard Lynch166,842,70172.82 %62,288,53827.18 %
Laurie Smaldone Alsup216,196,65694.35 %12,934,5825.65 %
V. Prem Watsa116,231,95350.73 %112,899,28749.27 %
Wayne Wouters216,289,19094.40 %12,842,0495.60 %

Re-appointment of Independent Auditors

The re-appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the independent auditors of the Company as described in the management proxy circular was approved, based upon the following votes:

ForAgainstWithheldBroker Non-Votes

Approval of Unallocated Entitlements under the Equity Incentive Plan

The resolution on the unallocated entitlements under the Company’s Equity Incentive Plan as described in the management proxy circular was approved, based upon the following votes:

ForAgainstAbstainBroker Non-Votes

Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation

The advisory resolution on executive compensation as described in the management proxy circular was not approved, based on the following votes:

ForAgainstAbstainBroker Non-Votes
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