Catheon gaming

Catheon Gaming launches Catheon Gaming Ecosystem

Catheon Gaming ecosystem, the Catheon Gaming white paper and the Catheon token all launch

Catheon Gaming has officially launched the Catheon Gaming ecosystem, the Catheon Gaming white paper and the Catheon token.

The Catheon ecosystem is expected to be one of the industry’s deepest and most comprehensive, with four key pillars:

  1. An industry-leading blockchain gaming portfolio through our developing and publishing business.
  2. The Catheon Gaming Center (CGC), a chain-agnostic game explorer and launcher.
  3. Our Catheon Labs advisory and consulting arm for Web2 companies looking to transition to Web3.
  4. Catheon metaverse, the single unifying hub for all Catheon games.

Catheon Gaming is growing beyond the single-title approach of many existing projects by creating an ecosystem that will endure beyond the life cycle of any one game.

Based on a unified platform and token, the ecosystem will connect the experience of playing individual games in a way that is only possible with blockchain technology and drive significant synergies between the different segments of the ecosystem.

Catheon Gaming also released its universal utility token, Catheon, which will be used across the entire ecosystem. This will be done by an effective rebrand and relaunch of the existing SolChicks CHICKS token.

With the entire Catheon Gaming brand and portfolio behind it, Catheon is expected to be the ecosystem token with more utility and development compared to any of the other similar blockchain gaming ecosystems.

Catheon Ecosystem

There are several compelling drivers behind the rebrand:

  1. The first and only token of its kind for a gaming ecosystem on the Solana and Polygon blockchains, with down-the-line cross-bridging to other major chains.
  2. The token will have the position as the universal governance and utility token of the largest and one of the highest-quality blockchain gaming portfolios in the industry.
  3. Ecosystem utility beyond the game portfolio to the Catheon Gaming Center, the Catheon Labs advisory business and the Catheon metaverse.
  4. An imminent use case is given the largely complete and ready-to-release nature of the game portfolio, the expected release of the Catheon Gaming Center and staking benefits.
  5. Governance over the future of one of the most complete ecosystems in blockchain gaming.

As the Catheon network, community and the number of titles continue to grow, Catheon Gaming expects significant network effects and synergies that will help continue to accelerate the quality of the portfolio and ecosystem.

With Catheon Gaming’s high-quality team and track record of rapid execution, evident in the company’s growth over the last 11 months, the company expects to continue growing rapidly as it builds out the ecosystem in the coming years.

William Wu, founder and co-CEO of Catheon Gaming, commented:

“Since we started this project, what has also become apparent is that this project, and our vision, has expanded to be so much more than just a single game. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our biggest update yet. We have been hard at work over the last 12 months to build the foundations required for this update and are finally in a position to do so.”

“Our vision is to build one of the most comprehensive ecosystems in the industry to truly revolutionize the way we play, live and earn. We have a lot of work ahead to execute on our vision, but we are confident that we will be able to help to revolutionize blockchain gaming.”