Crypto Blocks to Launch an NFT Exclusive Social Media Platform

Crypto Blocks Becomes an NFT Exclusive Commodity

The Crypto Blocks Corporation is expanding their NFT utility through social media., launching a project that aims to create a social media platform exclusively for Crypto Blocks NFT holders.

With this new platform, users will have access to a variety of benefits as a NFT holder with Crypto Blocks and take part in the private NFT holder server. As a member of this platform, users will be able to use the Crypto Blocks social media app, DAO payments, NFT royalty payments, NFT generator access, use of the private investors chat lounge, and so much more.

Crypto Blocks includes a seven-tier system to provide their users a wider scope of exclusive offerings. Interested parties will be able to find exactly what they need on a tier that works for them.

Crypto Blocks is one-stop shop site for users to have a website that caters to all their NFT necessities. With Crypto Blocks, users can mint their own NFT’s and soon join a community on social media to connect with other NFT opportunists like themselves. The opportunity is set to launch at the end of June.

Crypto Blocks DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and open-source initiative on the Ethereum network. The project is run by persons across the world with $BLOCKS governance token.

All DAOs are primarily social and technical communities oriented around specific aim and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem and do not necessarily imply the existence of traditional corporate forms.