DMINTI and Hani Rashid to launch DMINTI Metaverse

First Web3 Metaverse marketplace to partner with Architect, Hani Rashid, and iconic artists in VR

 Digital arts company DMINTI has partnered with internationally renowned architect, Hani Rashid and his expert digital design practice Asymptote Architectureto launch the DMINTI Metaverse.

The DMINTI Metaverse launched with a series of immersive weekly programming experiences open to all.

Metaverse Mondays’, will offer the community an opportunity to participate in live conversations with Web3 thought leaders and prominent art world leaders as well as showcasing immersive art by artists like Ricci Albenda, Zoe Buckman, Josephine Meckseper, Sarah Meyohas, David Salle, Pindar Van Arman and more.

Rashid’s partnership and design of the DMINTI Metaverse revolutionizes how digital art is created and experienced using immersive XR technologies. Artists and collectors are able to collaborate and experiment within a virtual metaverse where they can create, exhibit, and sell their works.

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“From my vantage point as an architect equally at home designing physical and virtual architecture, creating the DMINTI Metaverse is a fascinating opportunity to set up a trajectory and experiment to allow artistic chance and spatial outcomes to occur.

I have always been fascinated by John Cage and his celebration of ‘chance’ and the unexpected stemming from a precisely ‘engineered’ premise and scaffolding.

The DMINTI Metaverse is really about discovery and the exquisite outcomes when confronting art and space.” said Hani Rashid

DMINTI‘s mission for this art metaverse is to build interactive, multigenerational communities with a shared 3D canvas for all NFT projects cultivated with partnering artists and curators while serving as a cultural institution and for collectors.

The project and partnership is supported by DMINTI’s founding advisory panel of artworld, crypto, and tech leaders Shalom Meckenzie, Jennifer Stockman, Dominique Levy, Christopher Jones, and Carola Jain.