Find Satoshi Lab Launches NFT Launchpad on NFT Marketplace MOOAR

Creators behind popular move-and-earn game STEPN host competition for winner to become 1st project to launch on the platform

Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), a Web3 gaming and development studio founded in 2021, has launched its NFT Launchpad on MOOAR, FSL’s NFT marketplace which went live last month.

In line with the core pillar of blockchain, decentralisation, the first collection launched on MOOAR’s Launchpad was entirely voted on by the FSL community. Out of 13 creators who submitted their projects for consideration, HypeSaints received the winning bid for an exclusive launch on MOOAR, gaining access to FSL’s distribution channels and vast industry experience.

HypeSaints is a street fashion collective consisting of art toy PFP (profile picture) NFTs, created by AI mastermind Futurebot. It plans to build HypeSaints as an IP and introduce new stories, characters, and gameplay. The company believes that individuals should express themselves freely and break away from rules set by monopolies.

One of the team’s core stances is on creativity – that it comes from the people and community, and everyone should have equal opportunities to share their ideas and enhance the project as a whole. HypeSaints will receive dedicated support from FSL – marketing via social media channels, advisory for project schematics, and post-launch support.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of FSL, commented on the launch:

“We’re thrilled to launch MOOAR’s first NFT collection, HypeSaints, through community consensus – we trust in and want to hear from the people who participate daily in our ecosystem. The platform we have created is unique. By empowering creators to continue receiving royalties for the art they create, we aim to push the whole industry forward.”

The voting mechanics via which HypeSaints, the winning collection, was chosen involved the collective of members subscribed to MOOAR. Members vote using tickets which can be purchased with GMT (Green Metaverse Token) on either Solana or Ethereum.

Collection creators define these ticket prices (also referred to as mint price) for voting purposes, ranging from 10 GMT to 100 GMT. After a voting period that lasts three days, the project that locks in the most GMT through ticket sales is declared the winner.

Futurebot, the creator of HypeSaints, commented on today’s news:

“We as a team are beyond excited to launch on FSL’s MOOAR Launchpad. Our team has a strong background in the entertainment field, working for companies like Disney, Warner, and League of Legends, and we plan to use learnings from these past roles to enrich the NFT experience for holders. Our long-term goal is to create an environment that continually inspires artists and holders to bring new experiences to the HypeSaints community, and eventually become a CreationFi community.

We decided to launch on MOOAR because it introduces an entirely new and efficient paradigm – from the membership system, launchpad bringing high-quality projects to users, and voting mechanics allowing projects and users to be more quickly matched.”

In addition to the Launchpad, FSL also introduced the MOOAR Incubator Programme, an exclusive mentorship programme from the company’s Co-Founder Yawn Rong. This program will be open to the top three projects from each launchpad season on MOOAR.

For 12 weeks, project creators will have direct access to Rong as a mentor as well as a tailored programme touching on key pillars of establishing a successful business in Web3. The three projects partaking in the Incubator Programme this month are HypeSaints, Bubble Observer, and GIGI Special Edition.

Launching a collection via FSL’s MOOAR Launchpad allows creators to reach a wide base of collectors who are constantly on the lookout for new projects to support. Taking a stance against optional creator royalties, which has recently plagued the NFT industry, FSL aims to firmly stand with creators to ensure they receive a fair income for their craft.

Creators interested in having their collection launched on MOOAR’s Launchpad S2 can reach out to for dedicated support.