Homespace Metaverse: Create your own home inside a Metaverse

All NFTs in the Homespace ecosystem are usable

Homespace Metaverse extends reality and allows people to earn, play, educate, meet and spend time with each other in places like future cities, black-and-white movies of the 50s, or in the homes of their dreams, which they can create for themselves through Сreative Mode.

NFT technology is rapidly changing how we perceive digital art and its ownership, allowing anyone to become an art collector. But now, this technology offers humanity much more than just a plain digital art owning.

With a growing interest in Metaverses, it’s now providing tremendous opportunities in all spheres of human interactions. Moreover, we’re on the verge of entering a new era of immersive virtual spaces as an alternative to conventional social media networks.

The Homespace team has been working to put together the foundations for a virtual platform that will make it possible to add real value to owning NFT art assets past the point of purchase. Therefore, creating your own home inside a Metaverse has become not just a dream, but absolutely a real chance to be a new economy agent!

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Let’s explore some of the key points, provided by Homespace, which are essential in a new social, digital life:

  • Photorealistic graphics, 
  • Usable NFT is one of the project’s primary advantages; every piece of furniture, land, book, house, or even AI assistant will be personal and based on NFT technology at some point. 
  • Latest technology (like Unreal Engine 51, MetaHuman2, GPT-33, and much more)
  • Unreal Engine 5 – The world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool
  • Meta Human – MetaHuman is a complete framework that gives any creator the power to use highly realistic human characters in any way imaginable
  • GPT-3 – OpenAI’s API provides access to GPT-3, which performs a wide variety of natural language tasks, and Codex, which translates natural language to code.

Why is it such an attractive opportunity? 

First of all, it’s undeniable that our world is now leading towards digitalisation, and, therefore, nowadays almost all the human interactions are transferring into the 3D realm. Consequently, investitions in digital assets have become very popular and undeniably fruitful. It can be compared to investitions in bitcoin in 2009, or to Apple prior to the first Macintosh release.

All NFTs in the Homespace ecosystem are usable. For instance, houses, lands, and furniture all come in the form of NFTs. A personalized AI assistant will be a separate NFT for each user.

The thing is, Voxel graphics and games are great, but the market is overflown with such projects. Although it looks like one, Homespace is not a game. Homespace’s main aim is to continue the legacy of Second Life and bring those non-gamers and gamers together in our metaverse.

Homespace’s main strengths are photorealistic graphics, aesthetics, and the latest technologies. Homespace’s team wants to create a deeply immersive experience for users to make them want to come back and spend their time in Homespace Capital.

Its primary goal is to сreate a better reality for all and replace classical institutions with better substitutes: create advanced educational systems for children, health care systems based on AI, a new level of entertainment and even a possibility to get a real job inside a Virtual Space.

Homespace has launched a demo version of its product, which was developed alongside a team of architects, with world-known architect Roman Vlasov as a lead. What will the user gain from it? First and foremost, the opportunity to visit three spaces with a 1-person view: a poker room where our user can try to play poker on testnet!

It will be an immersive experience because the team is in contact with several Poker companies, which can be their lead partner in this field.

Secondly, a real homespace with the possibility of interacting with some objects that are located there. It’s overall an opportunity to dive into new ways of digital interaction. All these will be available via the client on the computer and streaming through the browser.


High achievements

First of all, Homespace’s significant achievement this year is an investment from Big Brain Holdings. Big Brain Holdings is an investment fund concentrating on pre-seed and seed phases of up-and-coming global projects. BBH strongly believes in crypto’s bright future and perspectives.

Getting in investments from Big Brain Holdings indicates the huge project’s potential. Big Brain Holdings invested in Seed, Pre-Seed, and Early Stage Startups on Solana, Near, Algorand, ZK/Starkware, AVAX, Celo, Ethereum, and other L1s. Valhalla.  

There are more reasons why Homespace is such an attractive investment option:

  • Unreal Engine 5 + MetaHuman technology
  • GPT-3 by OpenAI as a core of AI technology
  • Open-world with social interaction 
  • Integration of 3rd party dApps and products from real market 
  • International transparent team of highly trained specialists
  • MVP ready before initial investments
  • 1st place in MoleDAO Hackathon (without too detailed explanation of the event)
  • World-known architect working on Homespace Capital (Roman Vlasov)
  • Partnership with Gelato Network
  • Homespace Metaverse became an official part of the zkSync ecosystem

Homespace arranged a technical partnership with the Gelato team regarding smart contracts optimization. Also, there’s a high probability that the Homespace team will subsidize zkSync’s transaction gas fees and make the project user-friendly for non-crypto users. 

zkSync is the best choice for Homespace due to its innovative approach to the transaction economy. zkSync is a freedom-driven project, whose main aim is to bring real decentralization to people.

It brings blockchain mass adoption and it’s not just empty words. There’s a solid background and technologies under it.


Homespace Metaverse Alpha Demo

Homespace NFT Shuttles is a limited collection of NFT cars that will be fully operational within the Homespace Metaverse.

With the Homespace Shuttle, you will be able to fly around the endless virtual spaces, turn on autopilot and spend time with your friends, watching the landscapes outside the window.

In the future, you will show all the other Homespace users that you were one of the first who joined the project and got Homespace Citizenship. The sales started on September 12th.