HopingClub holding developer conference in Europe

HopingClub has been investing all over the world with the concept of globalization and diversification.

HopingClub will hold a developer conference in Europe to discuss topics such as web3 yuan universe. The conference will also release new investment management products to help more global developers better use and develop technologies that are more conducive to industry innovation.

HopingClub is a relatively young investment institution on Wall Street. In recent years, it has invested in dozens of countries and regions around the world, absorbed a large number of outstanding members, and managed tens of billions of dollars of assets trusteeship under its management.

It is one of the professional international asset management organizations in the world. HopingClub has been investing all over the world with the concept of globalization and diversification.

Its commercial investment operation mode has gained a lot of wealth and prestige in a short time, and it has been imitated in the market, but most of them ended in failure. The core that HopingClub can’t really imitate has caused the industry to think!

Koby Sadan, founder and co-chairman, founded HopingClub with the purpose of finding investment fields other than traditional investment, so as to expand the investment boundary of institutions.

At the beginning of its establishment, HopingClub’s members were mainly Wall Street investment managers.

Starting from the professional field, it established three departments: stock investment, fund investment and futures venture investment, and quickly completed the original accumulation in the financial market.

HopingClub has always emphasized that guild system is the core value of HopingClub. Elite members from various fields have brought extensive market consultation to HopingClub, and HopingClub has set up an investment analysis department to evaluate the market according to the past market conditions and expected performance, and explore assets with excellent potential in various fields for investment.

Only by knowing the trend of the market through and through can people make a huge profit.

The conference held in Europe will once again strengthen HopingClub’s deep and diversified team, and constantly add new members and inject new vitality, which will bring HopingClub a broader investment vision and more cross-industry investment experience.

Such a cycle creates a global asset management ecosystem, which enables HopingClub to have the ability that no one or organization can copy, and become its global and diversified core competitiveness.