Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Council Skies (Deluxe Version)

Noel Gallagher drops NFT of Council Skies

Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds are dropping an NFT of their latest album

Fans of Council Skies – the latest album from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – can now buy the record in NFT format, via the platform Serenade. 

Last year, Muse’s Will Of The People album became the first chart-accredited release that had a Web3 product, and eventually went on to secure the Number 1 spot.

The Council Skies NFT isn’t just the album – it includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, signed lyric sheets, and special cover art. 

Included with each unique Digital Pressing is Full Audio Playback, Public Stamp of Ownership and 5 Exclusive Rewards.

Council Skies Deluxe Edition Track List

  • 1. I’m Not Giving Up Tonight
  • 2. Pretty Boy
  • 3. Dead To The World
  • 4. Open The Door, See What You Find
  • 5. Trying To Find A World That’s Been And Gone Pt. 1
  • 6. Easy Now
  • 7. Council Skies
  • 8. There She Blows!
  • 9. Love Is A Rich Man
  • 10. Think Of A Number
  • 11. Don’t Stop…
  • 12. We’re Gonna Get There In The End
  • 13. Mind Games
  • 14. Pretty Boy – Instrumental
  • 15. Dead To The World – Instrumental
  • 16. Council Skies – Instrumental
  • 17. Think Of A Number – Instrumental
  • 18. I’m Not Giving Up Tonight – David Holmes Remix
  • 19. Think Of A Number – Pet Shop Boys Magic Eye 12″ Remix
  • 20. Pretty Boy – Robert Smith Remix
  • 21. Council Skies – The Reflex Revision
  • 22. Flying On The Ground – Radio 2 Session, 08.09.21
  • 23. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Radio 2 Session, 08.09.21
  • 24. Live Forever – Radio 2 Session, 08.09.21

“It wraps up a thrilling week in the UK charts, and a brilliant campaign from Noel and team,” said a statement.

“This latest digital pressing release from Serenade continues to prove the worth of the futureproof format, connecting fan and artist in a way like never before.” 

As with the Muse release, numbers will be under 1,000 globally, although the bulk will be in the UK as the band’s biggest market. The NFT is available on Serenade now.