Opera Crypto Browser

Opera Crypto Browser integrates Metamask and other wallets

Opera's crypto-centric browser (Win, Mac, Android, iOS) evolves the user experience to be truly Web3-ready ahead of the Ethereum Merge

Opera, the company behind the world’s first multi-platform Web3 browser,has launched one of the most significant updates since its genesis that will make the lives of crypto users much easier: The Opera Crypto Browser now supports MetaMask and other leading wallets.

To match this development, the browser is also shipping the innovative “Wallet Selector,” an industry-first multi-wallet management tool. This feature allows users to seamlessly pick which one of their wallets they want to interact with a particular dApp or website.

They can now choose between their wallets directly in the browser address bar, without needing to go into settings or having to deal with competing extensions.

Beyond Opera Crypto Browser’s native wallet, the wallets supported in the Wallet Selector include Metamask and hundreds more, as long as they are available as Opera or Chrome extensions.

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Browser wallet extensions are essential tools for exploring Web3. They allow users to explore and interact with various decentralized apps (dApps) and services. However, not all wallet extensions are created equal. Many only support specific networks, and some offer different features such as in-app swaps and staking.

To explore multiple networks, crypto users tend to need several browser wallets which creates an unnecessary barrier to adoption and impairs the user experience. Opera is changing this with today’s update and the innovative Wallet Selector feature in the browser address bar.

Opera’s new Wallet Selector – which automates the precarious process of switching between crypto wallets while swapping tokens or transacting with dApps – is a gamechanger for the broader Web3 ecosystem.

“We created the Wallet Selector based on the feedback we got from our users. It saves them a lot of pain as they no longer have to constantly go into settings or to navigate between competing wallet extensions,” said Tomasz Stawarz, Engineering Director at Opera.

Opera’s industry-first Web3 Wallet Selector solves this issue by aggregating compatible wallet extensions and automating the connection process. The selector remembers users’ preferences for different websites, allowing them to connect to dApps effortlessly.

This update brings Web3 one step closer to the experience we know from Web2 ahead of the Ethereum Merge.

“The upcoming Merge is the most important technological update in the history of crypto that will move Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, thus making it more scalable, secure, sustainable, and ready to be used by the mainstream user.

Opera is the only browser truly ready for this shift and the only one offering web users all the tools they need to give Web3 a try in a safe environment,” said Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera.

On top of the ease of use of multiple wallets, Opera Crypto Browser also provides security enhancements that protects its users from hacks and phishing. The phishing detection feature blocks the users from entering blacklisted phishing sites. The browser’s secure clipboard protects users from scary clipboard hacks, making sure the wallet address or account number they copied is the same one they are pasting.

To make the Web3 experience more accessible and fun, the Opera Crypto Browser now resolves human-readable wallet handles for YAT, FIO Crypto Handles e.g Jane@opera and ENS domains like iamtesting.eth. These features allow users to make cryptocurrency transactions using simple-to-memorize domain and wallet addresses consisting of words or even strings of emojis as well as Handshake domain resolution. 

The Opera Crypto Browser has also partnered with DappRadar to provide its users with access to more than 11,000 dApps. The platform also gives them unique insight into valuable metrics. All of the dApps are accessible as easily as any website on web2,  from the browser address bar. The users identify themselves using one of their wallets, picked via the Wallet Selector.

The upgrade also overhauls the Crypto Corner feature, including a new Hot Tweets section including the latest trending tweets around crypto. Additionally, the popular BNB Chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app, PancakeSwap, has been integrated with the Crypto Browser and is available in the browser’s native crypto wallet. This allows users to trade tokens directly from within the wallet without the hassle of connecting to an external dApp first.

Opera is also updating the mobile version of its Crypto Browser with a new navigation and added private mode.

Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, said: 

“The development of the world’s first Crypto Browser is a realization of our aims to provide the tools that enable open access to Web3. Not only have we provided a gateway into Web3, but we’ve also simplified many everyday processes native to the crypto space that may previously have confused the average web user.

The Opera Crypto Browser is currently the best, most comprehensive portal into Web3 for new and experienced users alike.”

The Opera Crypto Browser is Opera’s all-encompassing browser product offering a window into the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3.

The Crypto Browser now delivers access to multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB, Polygon, and others, as well as tens of thousands of dApps and protocols built on top of them.

The browser also includes a built-in crypto wallet, as well as a series of privacy-enhancing features including a secure clipboard, a built-in browser VPN and ad blocker.

It also gives users direct access to key platforms and messengers, including Twitter, Telegram and Discord directly in the sidebar, which means they don’t have to reach for separate apps.