Social Media Platform Glimpse Allows Users to NFT Content

A decentralized social network optimized to empower users flips the script.

Glimpse is a new social platform where users can upload short videos of their life and sell them on the open marketplace in the form of an NFT

The internet is evolving into Web3, leveraging the blockchain to create a decentralized online ecosystem. Applications launched on Web3 will be owned by users rather than centralized corporate institutions. Users earn their stake in these platforms by helping develop and maintain the healthy growth of the ecosystem.

With advanced solutions in place, Glimpse says it is excited to become the next global social media platform on Web3.  By applying the principles of decentralization, privacy, and shared protocols, Glimpse maximizes fan engagement and creates tangible rewards for its community.

Glimpse creator Teddy Kozlowski states,

“The future of social media is content creator-owned. Today it exists solely for the benefit of the platform itself. Where content creators receive only a fraction of the value and revenue they create, and where fans/followers have limited opportunities to personally connect with their stars.”

Utilizing NFT and blockchain technology, any moment on the Glimpse App can be collected, displayed, traded, and resold. Glimpse NFT moments can give fans special access to events, early access to content, exclusive adventures, and more to deepen the community experience.

The Glimpse Ecosystem utilizes the GLMS token as currency with plans to include varying cryptocurrency options in the future. Additionally, the synergetic partnership with ProjectX maximizes the utility of NFTs purchased in the ecosystem. Lastly, they are providing an even grander monetization option for users through the incorporation of DeFi.