Teradata acquires Appoxee to strengthen Mobile Marketing Capabilities

Big data analytics specialist Teradata has acquired Appoxee, a Tel Aviv-based mobile marketing and engagement SaaS provider. Teradata said the move will allow it to offer more mobile-focused digital marketing services as part of its marketing cloud portfolio.

While the terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, multiple reports suggest Appoxee fetched between $20m and $25m.

Founded in 2010, Appoxee offers a push and in-app marketing platform including a broad set of tools to create, target, analyse and automate messaging campaigns.

Appoxee’s business addresses one of the bigger issues in the world of apps today: keeping users coming back to and using your app, in the face of those users downloading yet another new app instead, always moving on to the next big thing.

Appoxee gives developers a way to address this using push messages — sending messages to you to remind you to finish playing a game, or to send you info about an app update, or coupons for goods in the app. It also has a platform to help build these push messaging campaigns.

The acquisition will see Teradata integrate Appoxee’s mobile capabilities into all of its marketing applications, which offer customers the ability to manage campaigns and customer data, and measure the effectiveness of campaigns using analytics.

“By adding Appoxee’s leading mobile marketing solutions, we’re further helping our customers use data to know more about their customers’ true preferences, and do more to realise the benefits of individualized data-driven marketing,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Marketing Applications.“

“This investment underscores our commitment to continuously expand our capabilities in individualised digital marketing to benefit Teradata Marketing Applications customers,” he added.

Itay Levy, founder and chief executive officer of Appoxee commented on the acquisition:

“Marketers have recognised the strategic importance of delivering optimized customer experiences across channels, enabled by a comprehensive view of the customer, a centralized communication hub and coordinated messaging technologies. By joining forces with Teradata, a global leader in marketing applications and big data analytics, we’re helping marketers worldwide deliver the best customer experiences possible.”

The growth of mobile app engagement has accelerated in recent years as demand for more personalised mobile experiences increases. The acquisition comes just one day after Accengage, a French mobile app engagement firm and Appoxee competitor scored $3m from private equity and marketing companies.