Transmira and Zetly to build a turnkey Metaverse solution

Transmira's Omniscape platform brings a real-world location to life

Sports platform Zetly has partnered with Transmira to create a ‘turnkey’ solution to access the Metaverse. 

Zetly is trying to solve the problem of funding for sports clubs and groups, with many of them losing sponsorship deals during the pandemic. It hopes that digital assets such as NFTs will provide new revenue streams and ways to fundraise.

Transmira is spearheading the development of the Metaverse, in which the reality of the physical world meets the infinite space of digital gaming. 

Transmira’s Omniscape platform brings a real-world location to life, allowing businesses to engage with consumers by combining Augmented Reality (AR) with Virtual Reality (VR) in the exciting new XR environment.

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Transmira CEO Robert Rice said the partnership will see the two teams – alongside Zetly and HasteArcade – working together to build a turnkey Metaverse solution.

Transmira CEO Robert Rice said: 

“What we are bringing to the table is the ability to create full-scale digital twins of stadiums. We will then layer in our patented virtual goods technology, which lets us, link 3D objects and NFTs to special offers for merchandise in the real world. That combined with the other (partnerships) will create a full solution for stadiums. We will originally focus on soccer in the Polish league, with plans to expand from there.”

Rice also said, the goal is to have a platform with multiple stadiums and that the partnership with Zetly opens new avenues to new markets in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe.

He added that this was only possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain due to how fast, scalable and inexpensive it is.

Zetly CEO Michael Glijer said: 

“Transmira is another, after PowChess and Haste Arcade, partner that offer future digital solutions based on BSV blockchain. We believe that Transmira with its Omniscape platform and with cooperation with Zetly will allow sports clubs to enter a Metaverse world that they cannot even imagine now, with the possibility of earning the same time and giving fans amazing new experiences.”

‘We rely on the blockchain to do a lot of the things behind the scenes. We need to be able to prove that this is a valid virtual NFT and is linked to something in the real world. It really is a security and tracking system for us as opposed to other companies which are focused on ‘cryptocurrencies. BSV is the ideal protocol for Metaverse development’,”

“We are really excited to be working with the Zetly team – they really know what they are doing. Not only are we bringing the digital twin stadium concept to the platform, but really bringing fan engagement and awareness to a whole different level. I think some of the things we will be doing over the next year will really set the pace and tone for the sports industry.”