Zoonies launching 8,888 NFTs on Solana blockchain 

There are a total of 10,000 Planet Zoon apartments

New alien-themed ecosystem Zoonies is to launch 8,888 NFTs on the Solana blockchain via OpenSea launchpad on July 20, 2022. Zoonies is partnering with OpenSea, as the very first project to debut their new launchpad experience. 

Cute, mutant aliens called Zoonies are a highly developed civilization living on Planet Zoon. Zoonies lore describes these aliens, who chose to stay isolated on their planet for thousands of years until allowing humans to visit Planet Zoon.

The only way to get to Planet Zoon is to drink a Zoonie-made, extremely potent psychedelic potion that calibrates a human brain to connect with the Planet Zoon dimension.

Human brains will tune out their earthly dimension, connecting to Planet Zoon.

“Our goal is to develop an alien-themed ecosystem around Zoonies,” said a company spokesperson.

“We are supported by strong branding and innovation. The development team ran with the concept of the Solana-powered Planet Zoon, which is a semi-pixelated, 2D metaverse where holders of popular Solana NFTs will be able to play as their avatars.”

“Within 60 days of launch, Zoonies holders will be able to claim free, alien-themed apartments of all different sizes on Planet Zoon. This is where a basic building kit allows users to create basic builds.”

There are a total of 10,000 Planet Zoon apartments, of which Zoonies holders can freely claim 8,888. The remaining residences will then be available for public sale.

The value of apartments is based on size and the size of Zoonies apartments will be completely random for Zoonies holders.