BlackBerry CEO slams all Android manufacturers, claims BlackBerry runs 98% of Android apps

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, BlackBerry CEO John Chen was asked a  question of why customers should wait so long for the next BlackBerry smartphone.

Chen’s reply was basically to slam all Android manufacturers about the build quality and lack of security. Chen stated,

“Android’s strength isn’t really the quality of the phone, which BlackBerry has. BlackBerry phones are always well put together.

We have a great BlackBerry Messenger experience, a great operating system. And it’s the most secure phone. Secure not only in data but in personal identity.”

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He then went on to push the fact that BlackBerry 10 allows users to run Android apps saying,

“Younger consumers love all kinds of apps, and BlackBerry runs 98% of all the Android apps. All BlackBerry die-hards know they can run Android apps.”

Stating that BlackBerry 10 can run 98% of Android apps is a bold statement but a dangerous one. Crucially BlackBerry 10 has no support for Google Services, which means no Play Store or other major apps that require it. It also has no support for KitKat. It would be interesting to know where Chen gets his 98% figure from?

BlackBerry has been pushing their stance of being a “tool not a toy” for a number of months now but they have never really pushed the Android side of BlackBerry 10 before. Changing that position is a little bit contradictory with calling BlackBerry  devices tools.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]