Customize your Framily Plan with the all-new $15 International Connect: Call & Text Plan from Sprint

International Long Distance Add-On allows customers to call 65 destinations, including Canada and Mexico, with unlimited Framily voice plan minutes at no additional charge

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Sprint announced today that it will go even further in helping its customers connect with loved ones globally with the introduction of the $15 International Connect: Call & Text add-on. Coupled with the popular new Framily Plan[i], the add-on allows customers to use voice plan minutes to call 65 international destinations, including Canada and Mexico, at no additional charge per-minute. The $15 add-on also includes unlimited international text from the U.S. to over 180 countries.

“We understand how important international calling is to our customers. Connecting with friends and loved ones internationally can be costly and complicated, and we set out to change that with these new competitive and aggressively priced International Connect and International Long Distance Premier offers,” said Kymber Umana, Hispanic marketing manager for Sprint. “Compared to many of our competitors, Sprint has better pricing in over 50 percent of countries worldwide.”

Customers who add the $15 per month International Connect: Call & Text add-on to a Framily plan can use their unlimited plan minutes to call both landlines and mobile phones in 35 countries, in addition to sending unlimited texts to over 180 countries. Since customers will not pay any per-minute rates when calling countries such as the UK, India, Canada, Germany and Venezuela, they can focus on communicating with their friends and family without having to diligently watch the clock. In an additional 30 countries, customers can use plan minutes to call landlines and reap the benefits of significantly low per-minute mobile phone rates, too, including Mexico at just 1 cent a minute. A full list of countries and competitive rates can be found at

The United States is home to the most international population in the world. Residents seeking to maintain strong ties to their home countries no longer have to find alternative calling options such as calling cards that often have hidden extra fees, complicated dialing patterns with too many numbers to remember, or subpar quality in the connection. Being able to make affordable international calls conveniently from one’s cell phone means not having to sacrifice staying connected at the cost of other daily needs.

Premium IPTV in the UK

For those with occasional international calling needs, Sprint’s $5 International Long Distance Premier add-on offers discounted international pricing calls from the U.S. to over 220 countries. For $5 a month, customers can call landlines in Mexico and Canada for only $.01 per minute, or pay $.04 and $.01 respectively when calling mobile phones. Customers can take advantage of significantly lower rates in other countries as well, including Guatemala with $.08 and $.13 per minute costs for calls to landlines and mobile phones respectively.

International Connect: Call & Text Plan:
Customers who add the $15 International Connect: Call & Text plan to a qualifying Framily plan will receive:

  • Zero cents per minute to call landlines in 65 countries
    • Includes mobile phones in 35 countries
  • Low per-minute mobile rates in 30 countries
  • Unlimited texts to over 180 countries
  • Low priced per-minute rates when calling other countries outside of the included 65 countries

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