Samsung and Google

Google and Samsung Announce “Quick Share”

Quick Share integrates the best of both utilities

Google and Samsung have teamed up to create a single file sharing app/service under the “Quick Share” name and do-away with Nearby Share.

In a brief announcement, Google acknowledged that they have collaborated with Samsung to bring the “best” of their sharing solutions together under a single cross-Android solution.

They are taking on the Quick Share name and leaving Nearby Share behind. A rebranding means everything displaying Nearby Share branding today will soon read Quick Share, instead, and that includes the share sheet in most apps, notifications from the service, its Settings page, and Quick Settings tile.

However, functional changes should be subtle in practice, and sharing files between your devices should feel just as seamless. Google reassures users that privacy settings which define the visibility of your device are here to stay, unchanged from the Nearby Share days.

The biggest change may show on Samsung phones, where individual options for Nearby Share and Quick Share are consolidated into one tool.

Quick Share integrates the best of both utilities, and it works across the Android ecosystem. You can also use this system to share content with Chromebooks, while Google works with PC makers, including LG, to pre-install the Quick Share app on Windows PCs.