Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad calls iPhone users Wall Huggers

Back in March, BlackBerry CEO John Chen called iPhone users wall huggers and it looks like Samsung liked that phrase as their latest ad directly tries to make fun of iPhone users.

Samsung has created a scenario where all iPhone users are constrained to live “around power outlets” and “near the recycling bins” in order to keep their batteries alive throughout the day. In contrast, Samsung Galaxy S5 owners are perfectly fine – thanks to the smartphone’s Ultra Power saving mode, as well as the fact that its battery is interchangeable.

Wall Huggers

That moment when your phone conveniently chooses the most inconvenient time to run low on juice. Switch your Galaxy S 5 to Ultra Power Saving Mode or swap in a fresh spare battery and say goodbye to the wall huggers for good.

At the end of the new ad, Samsung advises iPhone users to stop being “wall huggers”, because they can now get a Galaxy S5.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]