Erase iPhone
Apple has published a nice new video, explaining how you can set up your new iPhone by transferring your data from your previous one, and how you can prepare your previous iPhone for Apple Trade-In.
Taking a picture of the stunning landscapes and vistas we encounter in daily life using our smartphones can bring about challenges. Sometimes, the images can differ from what we see with our own eyes: shadowed areas come out too dark, the sky becomes overexposed, and subtle details essential to the view can become obscured.
To meet the demands of changing mobile usage trends that see users entrusting their devices with increasing amounts of personal data, Samsung has introduced Samsung Knox Vault, a unique security solution enhancing Samsung Knox Security launched with the Galaxy S21 series.
LG Velvet
LG has released a promotional video of the upcoming LG Velvet, revealing the design in full. The new 3D Arc design, as LG calls it, looks premium with a glossy look and a gradient finish that will be available in four colors.
Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2020
The Golden Globes 2020 are over and apparently some actors won awards while others didn't. To be honest, I've forgotten about the boring bits (who won what), the highlight of the night, the most memorable and enjoyable part of the night was host Ricky Gervais.
The BBC has produced a promotional video for Huawei, which has angered some BBC journalists. The video, titled “The Real Story of Huawei,” features Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei describing how the company grew from a small company into a global smartphone and telecoms giant.
Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold in Korea earlier today and at IFA 2019, which opens its doors today (September 6), visitors will be able to have the unique opportunity to experience the Galaxy Fold for the very first time.
When it was first demoed at last year’s Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Linux on DeX generated significant buzz within the developer community by presenting a simple and convenient way to use Samsung DeX to build apps within a Linux development environment.
See how easy it is to use iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Find out about features like Face ID, device navigation via gestures, Portrait Mode photos with Depth Control, dual SIM capability, Group FaceTime, Memoji, Apple Pay and more. 
Well would you believe it! BlackBerry have finally produced a video of the Priv by BlackBerry themselves. If you were one of those who registered to receive information about the Priv from BlackBerry, they have emailed subscribers an exclusive look at PRIV in action.
The Microsoft Windows team has released a new video related to Windows 10 upgrade. Wondering when your free Windows 10 upgrade will arrive? Want to be sure that you've done everything right?
John Chen-Kitchener
The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce hosted BlackBerry CEO John Chen for a special luncheon on May 5th with nearly 400 community builders and supporters in attendance. It was an outstanding and candid discussion between John and Chamber CEO Ian McLean.
Our Indonesian readers are providing videos of the BlackBerry Z3, which launched on Tuesday in Indonesia. The video shows the users queuing up in Indonesia to get their hands on the BlackBerry Z3 and some of the entertainment that went on.
BlackBerry launched the budget handset BlackBerry Z3 today, a touchscreen device that they hope will appeal to price conscious consumers in emerging markets like Indonesia. At the launch event in Indonesia, the video highlights what CEO John Chen had to say.
It is the Easter holidays and time for a bit of humour, at least I hope the video is intended to be humorous. What we have here is the death of Android and iOS by the returning, conquering BlackBerry.
Another day and another HTC One (M8) leak. Today's leak is a minute and a half ‘quick review’ video that once again shows the new One and its more intense metal finish.
With a new modern design, vivid color options, advanced camera, fastest network connectivity, dedicated fitness tools and enhanced protection features, the new GALAXY S5 delivers what matters the most to users.