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Apple confirms bug stopping iPhone alarms from sounding

Apple confirms Alarm Sound bug

If you’ve been having a problem with your iPhone’s alarm not going off, Apple has confirmed that a software bug is to blame, following user complaints.

Apple is aware of an issue causing some iPhone alarms to not play the expected sound, and is working on a fix.”

The company’s official statement didn’t go into more detail on what caused the bug or why it seems to affect some users but not others.

These sorts of bugs usually relate to some kind of time change; one circa 2010 iOS alarm bug was caused by Daylight Saving Time, and another cropped up in the first two days of 2011 when alarms suddenly stopped working for the first two days of the year.

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Daylight Saving Time in 2024 kicked in all the way back in mid-March, so it’s hard to say whether the problem is related to the change this time around.