Apple launches new iCloud+ plans

6TB and 12TB iCloud+ Plans now available

Apple has launched two additional iCloud+ plans: 6TB for £26.99 per month and 12TB for £54.99 per month.

The new plans are a perfect complement to the powerful 48MP Main cameras on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro line-ups that take photo and video capture on iPhone to the next level with super high-resolution photos and 4K videos.

With iCloud+, users can keep large libraries of original, high-resolution photos and videos safe in iCloud and easily accessible across all of their devices and the web — all while keeping beautiful, optimised versions on their iPhone, automatically saving space. This is just one of the benefits of iCloud+.

Every iCloud+ plan offers premium features:

  • Private Relay keeps browsing in Safari entirely private from network providers, websites, and even Apple — without affecting the browsing experience.
  • Hide My Email lets users generate unique, random email addresses whenever needed, allowing users to sign up for newsletters, offers, and more without sharing their personal address.
  • HomeKit Secure Video lets users capture and review home security footage in an end-to-end encrypted format so that only the user and the people they share with can see the footage.
  • Custom email domains let users personalise their iCloud email address with a custom domain — or purchase one right from Mail settings.

Family Sharing enables all iCloud+ plans to be shared with up to five other people in a family group. That way, everyone in the household can access the premium features of iCloud+, have all the storage they need, and keep their content private and separate.