RealTalk App Aims To Revolutionize Mobile Dating with iOS app

A new concept in mobile dating designed to increase the number of successful, authentic, meaningful connections made by users

RealTalk by Castle Ventures is a new concept in mobile dating and networking. Using video as the first point of contact for all potential matches, RealTalk is designed to help its users make instant, meaningful connections with other people near them. Unlike other networking apps, which feature picture profiles and can become repetitive and mundane after a short period of time, RealTalk allows users to go face-to-face for 60 seconds and make a great first impression.

RealTalk’s mission is to give its users a platform to put their personality on display and create relationships with a strong foundation. While engaged in the 60-second face-to-face video conversation, users will be encouraged to step out of the comfort zone of online dating, and back into the exciting and rewarding world of authentic networking, first impressions, and long-lasting relationships. If both users enjoy the 60-second conversation, they will be matched through the application and then continue to chat through RealTalk’s messaging service.

“We’ve seen issues with other applications that are widely used, but not necessarily effective in creating the connections they set out to”, said RealTalk CEO Anthony Haid.

“Our hope is that RealTalk will help users create a true-to-life experience when it comes to meeting new people.”

RealTalk is – and will always be – a free to download application, and will continue to implement features to help its users create meaningful connections. Users are required to sign up and create an account with their Facebook login, and must be at least 18 years of age to use the app.

“We see RealTalk as a product that can be used by people from all walks of life, in any type of social situation,” said RealTalk COO Yanni Laloudakis.

“We’re hoping that by giving them a positive and rewarding experience, we’ll experience growth through word of mouth and social sharing.”

RealTalk was developed by Adam Geiger, who has taken the role of CTO at RealTalk and plans to begin production of the Android application in the near future.

Get it in iTunes.
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