Mercedes Benz to launch app for Apple Watch

Mercedes Benz will join BMW and Volkswagen as it launches its own application for the Apple Watch. The application will help Mercedes Benz owners to find walking directions to and from their car.

Mercedes-Benz creates an intelligent integration between Apple Watch and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with its new MB Companion App. The MB Companion App allows Mercedes-Benz costumers to search for directions on the Apple Watch or on iPhone initiating a complete door-to-door experience. A seamless integration unfolds: giving walking directions to the car on the Apple Watch, driving directions on the vehicle navigation system and again walking directions on the Apple Watch from the car to the final destination.

The destination that the driver selects on Apple Watch is passed to Mercedes-Benz COMAND Online once the driver starts the vehicle. He then receives safe and non-distracting driving directions to his selected destination from Mercedes-Benz navigation. When the driver parks and leaves his car, Apple Watch gives him walking directions to the final destination making it the perfect guide for “Last Mile Navigation”.

Mercedes Benz Apple Watch

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class vehicles equipped with COMAND Online will be able to work with the MB Companion App as of fall this year. Further models will follow soon. By then, the MB Companion App will also enable drivers to find vehicle information such as Fuel Level, Range, Maintenance Code, and Odometer Readings on Apple Watch.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America (MBRDNA) – the agile innovation center in Silicon Valley has worked together with Daimler development experts from Sindelfingen to enable Mercedes-Benz to make this new Door-to-Door navigation available for customers. With its culture of collaboration, networking, innovation and creativity, Mercedes-Benz’s team in Silicon Valley established a track record in integrating Silicon Valley innovations into vehicles.