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Utopia VR Launches Global Metaverse Platform and Profit Share Program

Utopia VR offers users around the globe a free subscription to experience the metaverse.

Utopia VR has launched its global metaverse platform and profit share affiliate program. There is no cost to join the affiliate program, and a registered affiliate does not have to be a paid subscriber.

Utopia VR offers users around the globe a free subscription to experience the metaverse. In addition, Utopia VR provides a highly competitive selection of business plans ranging from $13.95-$44.95 per month.

Utopia VR’s plans include a variety of virtual rooms (VRooms™). These virtual environments are tailored for a vast array of global market solutions for business, sales, marketing, and education, just to name a few.

In addition, more than a thousand beta-users have seen the social benefits and consider Utopia VR’s platform an impactful and feature-rich alternative to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco’s Webex as a replacement to communicate and socialize with business colleagues, family, and friends.

Utopia VR’s “The Metaverse for Everyone™” is a one-click, web-based, avatar-driven, mobile-friendly audio and videoconferencing platform that utilizes innovative 3D web technology. Utopia VR’s free virtual platform works on all relevant devices: PC, mobile and VR headsets such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. No software or hardware is needed.

Based on the enthusiasm of early subscribers from around the globe, Utopia VR is convinced that its best marketers will be its free and paid customers; to that end, the Company is delighted to offer a generous affiliate commission package that rewards customers for sharing Utopia VR with others.

Kevin Vincent, VP of global marketing, said,

“This new and exciting internet era is a turning point for the internet. Everyone recognizes that there are companies that have dominated the dot-com landscape for years. It’s time the average person benefits from this new era, and we are excited to share our revenue with our customers.”


Jazmin dela Cruz, digital marketing, and community manager, said,

“If you sell physical, digital, or personal services through Utopia VR, how much of that transaction will you be able to keep? 

Answer: 100%. 

That’s right. Unlike major companies including Apple, Meta and others that keep, or plan to keep, up to 50% of your transactional revenue, goods and services, revenue that is generated through Utopia VR is yours to keep. 

We’ve said from day one that we are ‘The MetaVeRse for Everyone.’ There are no transaction fees, and we are sharing our monthly subscription fees with our users who refer others. It’s time that everyone benefits from the web.”  

Members of Utopia VR navigate through the various VRoom environments by using avatars; users can walk, talk, and sit – just like they do in the real world. A user’s avatar can be controlled with a computer keyboard, smartphone, or virtual reality headset such as Oculus Quest or HTC Vive.

Text chat, voice and video can be used to communicate with others. For important meetings and presentations, users can also import audio, video, 3D pictures, animated objects, PDF files and their favourite NFTs by simply dragging and dropping their file into a VRoom or by pasting a video link from supported media platforms such as Vimeo.

Cory Braden, chief technical officer, commented,

“Utopia VR is empowering our users to create their own presence in the metaverse. We have dozens of unique 3D spaces to spark your imagination, and you’ll instantly have access to powerful collaboration tools like screen and camera sharing; viewing documents, images, and video; drawing; and, of course, voice and video chat, all seamlessly integrated into your environment on a single web page.

Your guests can make great-looking avatars and enjoy fun, immersive meetups using just a web browser on their favourite device.”

On Sept. 23, 2020, Utopia VR announced that it had positioned itself to capitalize on worldwide market share of the metaverse with the release of its Apple mobile app. Utopia VR’s app enables users to personalize their own 3D environments and then schedule business meetings or social meetups in seconds through a proprietary link management system.

David Martin, VP of global operations, said,

“The transition of digital commerce 2.0, one-dimensional website(s), over to the metaverse and three-dimensional, fully interactive environments, is going to be extremely rapid. Every entity that has an existing website owns digital assets to represent their company. 

This includes text, describing what they do; pictures; videos; PDF presentations; slideshows; etc. To transition the digital assets, all that is required is to copy and paste the content into one of our VRooms. This will allow their customers and audiences to experience their company in a whole new, immersive way. The transition of the metaverse will change how business is done in the future.”             

Utopia VR’s app is now available for all iPhone and iPad users. The Company’s website mirrors the app, which means users can access Utopia VR directly from a PC, laptop, tablet, or VR headset without downloading the app. Utopia VR’s Android version is anticipated to be released in Q3 of 2022.

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