Whatsapp to undo ‘Read Receipt’ feature and make it optional

Whatsapp are to undo a new feature they launched last week. The read reciept, denoted by a double check mark did not go down well with the majority of users and they are now trying to roll back some of it with an update which makes the feature optional.

WhatsApp introduced what was known as the blue tick, which made sure senders got notified as soon as their messages were read by two blue tick marks at the end of the messages. This is similar to the BBM Read symbol that BlackBerry Messenger uses to signify that a message has been read, which interestlingly is not an option either.

Privacy is an important concern these days, and to a majority of Whatsapp users, this seemed the end of their privacy as they would now have to explain their ‘excuses’ of reading the messages late or actually reading them but not replying, whichever may be the case.

The ‘corrective’ feature ensures that Whatsapp users can now go to the app settings and disable the read receipts that ensure senders no longer get notified when a message is read..

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Android users have the option of downloading the new feature from Whatsapp’s website until it is rolled out in Google Play.

There has been no indication yet on the release of the new privacy feature on the Apple Store.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]