QNX Academy for Functional Safety

BlackBerry and Texas Instruments Launch QNX Academy for Functional Safety

New QNX Academy for Functional Safety Combines Both Companies' Developer Resources into one Comprehensive Offering

BlackBerry and Texas Instruments today unveiled the QNX Academy for Functional Safety, a comprehensive online software developer enablement program designed to turbocharge software innovation efforts and de-risk the product development process for safe and secure embedded systems.

Putting both BlackBerry QNX and Texas Instruments development tools, evaluation hardware, software, and self-paced training at the fingertips of embedded software developers, the new training academy seeks to accelerate the development of systems that are safe and secure and that offer real-time performance.

“Our collaboration with BlackBerry QNX will help embedded software developers accelerate their product development – allowing them to not only learn but innovate at their own pace,” said Sameer Wasson, Vice President, Processors, Texas Instruments.

“High-performance processors, such as the TDA4VM, feature vision, sensor fusion and AI technology can dramatically enhance perception and automation capabilities for a variety of systems. As software developers push the limits of what their systems can do, providing resources to help them more easily meet their functional safety requirements becomes even more critical.”

Hosted on the TI Developer Zone, dev.ti.com, the QNX Academy for Functional Safety provides developers with the resources they need to get their safety-critical development projects on the right path, including the powerful TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit from Texas Instruments, access to evaluation licenses of the QNX Hypervisor for Safety, QNX Software Development Platform (SDP), and user-friendly self-paced training modules on topics such as safety culture, Safety of the Intended Functionality, Goal Structuring Notation and Bayesian Belief Networks, Fault Tree Analysis, Anomaly Detection, and more.

Demonstration hardware and software available through the Academy will enable developers to ‘load and learn’ right out of the box, and apply their learning with practical exercises, providing a foundational understanding about safety-critical development. Additionally, the written and video training content use real-world examples to help developers at every stage of their project.

“When it comes to developing safety-critical systems such as industrial robots, AI vision systems or real-time industrial control systems, it is important that developers have a solid grounding in functional safety and can leverage products and expertise that are proven and trusted in the industry,” said Grant Courville, Vice President, Products and Strategy at BlackBerry QNX.

“With BlackBerry QNX and Texas Instruments collaborating, developers of safety systems get the best of all worlds – the powerful TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit evaluation board from Texas Instruments, access to QNX development evaluation licenses, and prebuilt demonstration software that includes support for camera, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and LiDAR sensors out of the box – all coupled with training developed by some of the world’s foremost functional safety experts from BlackBerry QNX.” 

Visit BlackBerry at Booth #4025 in the West Hall at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5 – 8, 2023 to view a demonstration of what the QNX Academy for Functional Safety can teach you to build, and to gain a better understanding of how the joint BlackBerry and Texas Instruments solution can reduce developer friction and streamline the development of safety-critical systems.