BlackBerry issues Privacy Guidelines for Developers

BlackBerry has announced a number of new privacy guidelines for developers to follow.

The first new guideline is to Use the Principle of Least Permissions – Limiting Collection. BlackBerry says that developers should request only that information that is “reasonable”. In other words, developers should only collect the information that makes their app run better. The manufacturer makes it clear that information not required or needed to improve an app should NOT be collected. BlackBerry also tells developers to Consider the Impact of Third-Party Code. If your app has third party code, developers should know exactly how it works and how it handles customers’ information.

BlackBerry suggests that developers Get Consents and Implement a Privacy Policy. If you collect information, BlackBerry says that you need to be able to easily explain what happens to the information that you collect from the public. Along those lines, BlackBerry is telling its developers to Be Accountable. What this means is that developers should understand what legal protection customers have, especially minors.Be Transparent, BlackBerry says. You can build trust with your customers by explaining how your app works. Most importantly, explain how the data you collect makes your app work better.

If you do use information provided to you by customers, it is of the utmost importance that you Secure Your Customers’ Data. Encrypt data at all levels, suggests BlackBerry.

Finally, BlackBerry suggests that you give your customers the feeling that they have some control by offering a settings menu. If you’re collecting information not necessary to run the app, make it clear that this is optional. In other words, Empower Your Customers to Control Their Information.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]