BlackBerry Receives BSI Clearance for BlackBerry UEM Brightsite Usage with Apple iNDIGO

BlackBerry Is First MDM Vendor to Receive BSI Clearance

BlackBerry is the first vendor to be cleared by the German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, certification program for the use of BlackBerry UEM for mobile device management (MDM) on Apple iNDIGO (iOS Native Devices in Government Operations) devices.

This enables government organizations to commence implementation of Apple iNDIGO projects to secure government data on employee iOS® devices. The BSI has issued certification ID (BSI-DSZ-CC-1235) associated with this initiative, which evaluates the BlackBerry UEM solution according to the Common Criteria Standards, Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL4).

BSI requires that Apple iNDIGO devices meet stringent security criteria for classified information. This will require a UEM solution that can ensure the highest level of confidential information (Verschlusssache, nur für den Dienstgebrauch, VS-NfD) can be securely transferred on mobile devices.

The German government and critical industry agencies can now use the BlackBerry UEM platform as a foundation for rolling out iOS devices to employees.

“A trusted and secure mobile device policy is critically important to operational efficiency in modern governments,” said Hans-Peter Bauer, SVP EMEA Sales, Cybersecurity Business Unit, BlackBerry.

“BlackBerry UEM being recognized as the first to receive BSI clearance will mean the German government and KRITIS organizations can now move ahead with plans to support their users’ choice of devices without risk of compromise to essential compliance and confidentiality.”