iVEDiX iOS and Android Apps now Available for all BlackBerry Enterprise Service Customers

BlackBerry Enterprise Service customers can now look forward to integrating their data with the miVEDiX analytics platform. A solution aimed at helping organizations make better decisions by providing rich visualizations, immersive data discovery, and real-time reporting from a variety of data sources.

iVEDiX announced today that it has expanded its integration capabilities to deploy the miVEDiX Analytics Platform to Secure Work Space for iOS and Android by BlackBerry.

As a global leader in mobile communications, and a key provider of mobility in the Middle East market, BlackBerry is the ideal candidate for expanding the adoption of miVEDiX in this region and around the world.

Over the past several months, iVEDiX and BlackBerry have worked to configure the iVEDiX iOS and Android application for deployment via BlackBerry Enterprise Service’s Secure Work Space. BlackBerry Enterprise Service customers worldwide can now securely manage and distribute the interactive mobile analytics application.

Over the past several months, iVEDiX and Blackberry have worked to certify the iVEDiX iOS and Android Application for deployment on BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space. BES customers, worldwide, can now manage and distribute the interactive mobile analytics Application by iVEDiX on their mobile devices.

miVEDiX is a mobile analytics platform that connects to an organization’s data or BI infrastructure, and creates reports, dashboards, and other visuals for users to facilitate data exploration, or “data discovery.” By supporting this new integration, miVEDiX is better equipped to pass internal corporate policies for mobile apps compatibility in Healthcare, Government, and other highly secure industries.

“Integrations like this add value to our products and further support our claims to unify a variety of backend systems and data sources,” said Brian Annechino, Director of Sales & Partnerships, EMEA at iVEDiX.

“Our partnership with BlackBerry also gives a connection to their customers. With the ability to develop interactive reports in real-time based on the services they already rely on.”

Compatibility with BES is a prevalent need in many large organizations, and this integration enables clients to have secure access to interactive and ‘usable’ reporting. With iVEDiX’s flagship product, miVEDiX, organizations are able to pull data from structured and unstructured sources and create interactive reports in real time. This provides a heightened level of functionality, but also promotes real data discovery.