PodPoint launches Solo 3S with solar integration

Solo 3S with solar mode, lets EV drivers with solar panels charge for zero cost and zero carbon.

PodPoint has launched a new EV home charger – the Solo 3S with Solar integration, allowing users to charge their electric cars exclusively with excess solar power or with a mixture of solar and grid energy with new solar charging modes.

With 87 percent of EV drivers expressing an interest in owning a solar power-compatible charger, even prior to acquiring solar panels, the Solo 3S has been designed by Pod Point with this in mind.

Customers will also avoid a costly charger upgrade fee should they decide to install solar panels in the future. Once the panels are installed, drivers can switch from a grid supply to solar power by simply activating the solar charging mode in the Pod Point app.

The Solo 3S smart home charger works by using excess energy generated from the home’s solar panels and channelling it to the charger. The charger only redirects the excess power generated, ensuring that essential household electronics and sockets retain priority, while the charger utilises the remaining surplus.

The Solo 3S is covered by a 5-year warranty as standard if purchased direct from and installed by Pod Point. As with previous versions, once connected to WiFi, the charger can receive over-the-air software updates to access new features without needing to change the physical charger.

It can also receive software updates for optimal performance and allow Pod Point’s support team to perform remote diagnostics.

“Many of the UK’s EV drivers will have chosen to drive a vehicle in order to lessen their impact on the environment and many will want the greenest possible solution when it comes to powering their car” said Pod Point’s Chief Technology Officer Arjan van Rooijen.

“These worries are often compounded with the rising cost of energy, which continues to have an impact on all of us. Driving shouldn’t cost the earth, and we’re excited to launch a solution that addresses the problems EV drivers face by making charging easier and more affordable.”

Solar integration

With the Solo 3S, drivers with solar panels can now harness the sun to power their electric cars for zero cost and zero carbon.

And it couldn’t be easier to set up. Once you’ve paired the charger with your account via the Pod Point App, you just need to activate ‘Solar charging mode’ to configure your settings.

New solar charging modes

With the Solo 3S, you have three different ways to use your solar energy:

Solar mode

Charge your EV for free purely using your excess solar energy. Ideal for very sunny days where lots of solar is generated. 

EVs require a minimum of 1.4kW to begin charging (as per IEC 61851), otherwise charging will pause.

Solar and grid mode

If it’s a cloudy day and available excess solar is less than the 1.4kW required, but you don’t want to let the excess energy go to waste, you can use this mode to top it up with a small amount from the National Grid.

Charge Scheduling/Charge Now

Solar charging mode works harmoniously with our other smart charging features. When you charge using one of these features, your charger will use available solar energy alongside a larger top-up from the National Grid to reach your charger’s maximum charging rate.

Future-proofed design & upgraded tech

If you don’t have solar panels, the Solo 3S has been designed to work with them automatically once they’re installed, so your home will be future-proofed for years to come.

PodPoint Solo S3 Tech Specifications

Specifications7kW Universal charger7kW Tethered charger
Dimensions (HxWxD)330mm x 290mm x 167mm330mm x 290mm x 112mm
Connection typeUniversal type 2 socketType 2
CompatibilityAll plug-in vehiclesType 2 compatible vehicles
Charging modeMode 3Mode 3
Cable lengthN/A5m
Cable holster suppliedSold separatelyYes
LockableKey lock sold separatelyKey lock sold separately
Socket typeMennekes Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) socket with statutory locking mechanismMennekes Type 2 (IEC 62196-2) socket with statutory locking mechanism
Wi-FiWPA, WPA2, WPA3 or Open Wi-FiWPA, WPA2, WPA3 or Open Wi-Fi
IP RatingIP54 enclosure (IP44/54 for plugs and socket)IP54 enclosure (IP44/54 for plugs and socket)
IK RatingIK10IK10
Operating temperature-25°c – 50°C-25°c – 50°C
Protection6mA DC Leakage,
Over current, PME and
failed earth
6mA DC Leakage,
Over current, PME and
failed earth