Polestar 5

Polestar incorporate StoreDot’s fast-charging EV batteries

Polestar EV could offer 100 miles of charge in 5 minutes

Polestar and StoreDot have showcased new fast charging technology that could charge an EV in a fraction of the time of current models. 

StoreDot’s extreme fast charging technology (XFC) is dubbed 100-in-5, doesn’t require a special battery and could offer 100 miles of charge in 5 minutes.

The Polestar 5 prototype is the first model to feature the XFC technology on board. Announced at Polestar’s event in LA, Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO, said:

“StoreDot is making huge strides forward in the development of their extreme fast charging technology and we are a proud investor and partner in its evolution.

StoreDot’s pioneering extreme fast charging batteries, combined with our upcoming top-of-the-line electric powertrain, can revolutionise the ownership experience for EV owners with the ability to recharge in minutes.”

A prototype will be demonstrated next year, and StoreDot said it hopes Polestar cars using its extreme fast-charging batteries will be on the road by 2027.

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said the collaboration with StoreDot would give EV owners “the ability to recharge in minutes”.

“What used to be range anxiety in electric vehicles is now transforming to charging anxiety,” StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf said. “Charging speed is now considered the number one barrier for adoption of electric vehicles.”

“We still have lots of work to do to fully integrate our systems into a production car, but our teams are already fully engaged, and we will be demonstrating those results in the coming months,”

Charging stations will need to be upgraded to 350 kilowatts to handle the faster charging