Artificial Intelligence and Morpheus to Advance Decentralized AI In Web3

FLock is working to optimize Morpheus' workflow automation for data generation and Smart Agent models, to power its local function calls and Morpheus are teaming up with the aim of advancing Web 3.0 AI creation platforms through incentivized collaboration.’s focus lies in optimizing Morpheus’ workflow automation for data generation and model fine-tuning, while empowering local function calls to facilitate accessible crypto trading for everyone. serves as an open-source, decentralized platform fostering the co-creation of on-chain, community-owned AI models. By integrating federated learning on-chain, ensures fair incentives for data contributors and promotes open collaboration.

It addresses the necessity for tailor-made AI models while mitigating data breach risks by training models without exposing user-supplied source data.

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The Morpheus network empowers Smart Agent builders to deploy their code and receive rewards, utilizing digital tokens as incentives. Positioned as the first peer-to-peer network of open-source Smart Agents, Morpheus already hosts projects like Polywrap’s AutoTX, and Hyperbolic.XYZ, 6079, and Venice.AI within its ecosystem.

Morpheus aims to introduce a desktop client with Smart Agents facilitating crypto trading, seamlessly connected to users’ Web 3.0 wallets and able to run locally. These agents execute smart contracts on behalf of users, interacting with them in everyday language.

Jiahao Sun, Founder and CEO of shared,

“We are thrilled to partner with Morpheus in this shared mission to revolutionize decentralized AI capabilities. This collaboration will drive innovation in Smart Agent development, empowering users with seamless access to crypto trading. By integrating’s community-driven approach with Morpheus’ cutting-edge platform, we aim to democratize AI while ensuring data privacy and security remain top priorities. Together, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible future for decentralized finance.”

This partnership addresses the current limitations of open-source LLMs, providing an intuitive interface, chatbox, API for developers, cloud solution, and data management for users. will enhance Smart Agent creation on the Morpheus platform by optimizing workflow automation and supporting local function calls for Ollama and Autogen. The integration will soon extend to Morpheus’ front-end.

The initiative targets a reduced reliance on external function calls to OpenAI from Morpheus Smart Agents, and plans to make its incentivized community fine-tuning platform available through the Morpheus client, broadening its impact. is actively developing additional Smart Agents to aid in trading strategies and empower users in token bridging and querying token prices using natural language. The team has already fine-tuned a model on Mistral 7B based on the CrewAI framework, which can power a multi-agent on-chain assistant, facilitating fund transfers and token swaps. intends to integrate more agents into Web 3.0 wallets, enabling users to perform on-chain actions using natural language directly from wallet applications. Furthermore, plans to add support for additional agent development frameworks into the Morpheus platform for local function calling.