How the Internet of Everything will manage your Connected Home

Ahead of CES 2015, Qualcomm has released a short video highlighting how life will be in the imminent future with all our devices sharing information with each other. The goal is to make the home smarter and the homeowners more efficient.

“We’re drawing from our expertise of mobile innovation and transforming all kinds of end-devices and access nodes by adding intelligence and advanced functionality into them.”

Basically, the Internet of Everything (IoE) brings a plethora of notifications every few seconds that constantly remind you of every detail within your home.

From your water meter, faucet and TV to your washing machine and even your light bulbs, take a walk through Qualcomm’s connected home and see how the Internet of Everything will change your life.

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See it for yourself this year at CES 2015! Qualcomm Booth: LVCC Central Hall, #8252