Android TV

Google launches Android 13 for Smart TVs

Google has launched Android 13 for Smart TVs, bringing improvements in accessibility and performance, more customization options, and changes in the UI.

If your smart TV runs on Android 12, then you will receive an Android 13 update in the next few weeks.

Optimised Power management and audio output

By using anticipatory audio routing, apps can track the routed device and supported formats before making an AudioTrack. This enhances the sound experience when using games or other streaming apps.

You can also change the default resolution and refresh rate options on the supported HDMI devices.

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Furthermore, the power system has been optimized to reduce energy consumption during standby mode.

Improved language selection for HDMI source devices

The Android 13 TV update offers better handling of the state changes on HDMI source devices and offers improved language selection on those devices. Performance optimizations include Tuner HAL 2.0, twin tuner, and support for ISDB-T Multi-Layer.

A hardware mute switch is available under the privacy settings

There is a new keyboard layout API that allows developers to choose between different language layouts for external keyboards.

The company has introduced features such as hardware mute switches under privacy settings and has updated the user control to the microphone access to Google Assistant from the remote.

You can also set the global description for audio preferences across all apps.

When will the update be available?

The Android 13 for TV is currently limited to developers. It can be tested on Google TV or the regular Android TV interface.

OEMs are expected to provide this update for eligible smart TVs in the next few weeks.