Your Phone, Your Tariff, Your Way with “My Tariff”

For anyone who has ever felt locked in by their mobile phone service plan, My Tariff offers a simple and effective solution to handle the flexibility and unpredictability of modern life.

My Tariff is a SIM card-only service that allows for on-going customisation of your mobile SIM tariff to suit your changing needs. In the UK alone, more than £6 billion is wasted every year on overspending on mobile phone contracts. Much of this unnecessary expense is due to unclear limits on the amount of call, SMS and data that a particular tariff offers. With My Tariff, consumers and businesses can create a unique tariff on a SIM card that reflects the exact needs of each user.

On the easy-to-use website interface, you can use sliders to set the precise call, data and SMS levels that you want for your SIM card. It takes as little as three minutes to make your mobile potion and order your SIMs, which will be sent out to you the very same day. Once your SIM arrives, you can start using it immediately with your existing phone, provided it is unlocked. There is also no need to change your number; simply choose the “Port In” option when creating your customised SIM, and you can enter your current number, PAC code, and network. After filling out a short form, you will get approval within minutes and, hours later, your customised SIM will be on the way to your door.

The best part about My Tariff is that as your needs change, you can simply go back to the website and log in to amend your SIM tariff, either to increase or decrease your monthly allotments, thereby eliminating any wasted costs. This is ideal for consumers and businesses that require flexibility in their tariff plans. For larger businesses requiring a simple option to monitor and manage their tariffs, the website enables business owners to create corporate accounts that can control dozens of SIM tariffs, allowing you to increase and decrease your company phone tariffs as necessary, greatly reducing unnecessary costs.

The age of long-term contracts that lock you in to a plan for 12, 18, or 24 months is over. You are completely in control of your own terms and conditions. You can sign up for a one-month plan, which allows you the freedom to change your tariff every month, or you can choose slightly longer plans if you don’t expect your needs to change that frequently. The choice is yours.

For many consumers and businesses, international travel means huge charges for making and receiving calls, as well as data and SMS use. However, with My Tariff, when you are customising your plan, you can allot certain minutes to different places in the world, eliminating those astronomical charges as long as you stay in your established limits. When unexpected international travel occurs, you can simply change your tariff for the following month, a level of flexibility and convenience not found anywhere else on the market.

Whether you are a large company that wants to cut unnecessary costs on your mobile phone charges or a single person who wants to customise their SIM tariffs for their flexible lifestyle, My Tariff offers the user-friendly, convenient, and economic solution that you’ve been looking for.

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