Rabona Agency

Decentralized Football Agency Rabona launches

Rabona offers token holders an opportunity to earn and shape the future of football by opting for and sponsoring superlative football players

Football agencies are intermediaries that manage the affairs of football players thereby giving players a chance to focus on improving their game.

The advancement of the world at a supernatural rate and the ever-growing popularity of the crypto industry has given birth to Rabona, the first-ever decentralized football agency.

Rabona aspires to support talented yet underfunded football players who wish to make it big. Rabona provides a great opportunity for skilled footballers to display their talent on a professional forum and get signed by leading football clubs.

The agency assists the lives of players by covering their dwelling expenses, sponsoring their training amenities, managing their contracts, alluring ideal sponsors, laying down nutrition plans, and training and guiding them.

Addressing real-life problems becomes an impossible chore for players as they also have to concentrate on improving their game at the same time. Thus, the firm aims that players are always ready to give their 100% performance.

Rabona agency is in search of individuals with strong resumes and great potential.

Rabona Agents

An agency cannot operate without agents. Holders of the Rabona token are the agents and thus they receive a part of the footballer’s salary. The agents ensure that the players receive top-notch amenities, resources, contacts, and the environment.

For their services, holders of Rabona get 2% of the player’s salary. Another 2% is allocated for the liquidity of the token. 5% is reserved for marketing, costs of hiring lawyers, and managing contracts.

Rabona agency purchases the image rights of players which ensures that all the companies wishing to advertise the player have to approach the agency first. The firm aims to create a holistic profile of every player to get them high-end contracts.

Sponsored Events And Training Camps

The ultimate power lies in the hands of Rabona token holders. The agency organizes talent boot camps and trials where token holders can vote for the players that they wish to see training in the agency academy.

Rabona agency also plans on broadcasting all the football sessions live on YouTube and other channels to captivate the general public attention. This will not only help the players attain the deserved fame and support but will also alleviate the position of Rabona agency as a  producer of unmatchable talent.

Rabona Agency Academy

The agency will hand-pick suitable players whose names are to be forwarded for training in Rabona Agency Academy. The time and place for trials will be decided and the trials will be held in presence of Rabona token holders.

Official UEFA A and B trainers will also be present to deliver their point of view of the ongoing contest to the agents ( holders of Rabona token ). The community of agents then become the judge of who they wish to include in the Rabona Agency Academy.

Reform Package and Charity

Reform packages are undoubtedly an extremely rational move from FIFA. The packages include the introduction of a limit on commission to cull abusive practices, the establishment of a FIFA Clearing House for better financial transparency, and making getting licensed compulsory for all agents.

Since the agency is a strong supporter of promoting football, it gives out regular charity for the creation of football facilities in underdeveloped countries with few sports infrastructure.

Tokenomics and Token Allocation

Rabona Token has the following tokenomics:

Token Name: Rabona

Ticker: $RA

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $RA

  • Advisors, Partnerships and Private Sale: 20%
  • Presale: 25%
  • Staking Ecosystem: 30%
  • Football Player Treasury: 10%
  • Team: 10%
  • CEX: 5%

Contract Address: 0x413fc0343c72D2D4BD676b91CB6e8929aC4e72C0

The Football Stakeholders Committee and the FIFA Council passed a series of laws to prevent football abuse in 2020. Rabona Agency strictly abides to these reforms and laws at all platforms.

The agency keeps player welfare as its top-most priority and every now and then keeps professional and ethical standards in check. Since FIFA governs the world of football it thus does not allow any agency to exploit players in any way possible.

Potential investors and crypto enthusiasts interested in Rabona Agency, can read the whitepaper