Ankr Offers Developers Unlimited Access To Web3 Infrastructure For $750

Ankr Is Offering Developers An Unparalleled Package That Will Allow Them Increased Freedom To Build As They Wish In Web3 Without Limitations On Speed, Security, Or Efficiency

Ankr, the decentralized web3 infrastructure provider, is currently offering dapp developers unlimited Web3 infrastructure for $750. This limited promotion will only last until April 15th before prices go back to normal.

Through the annual premium plan, developers can access unlimited blockchain requests on more than eleven blockchain networks instantly with unmatched pricing.

The Ankr Premium Plan can be purchased for just 10,000 ANKR tokens, an amount that is currently worth around $750. After the 15th of April, Ankr will transition back into a Pay-As-You-go model.

But even after the 15th of April, Ankr prices are considerably lower than the competition in terms of Web3 development, and it offers a complete suite of ancillary services that could easily entice developers to stay over the long term.

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The Ankr Premium Plan offers unlimited blockchain requests throughout 2022. The plan is ideal for those looking to build on Web3, including DeFi protocols, NFT projects, metaverse apps, games, and decentralized applications. Developers will get access to dedicated endpoints for all supported chains, ensuring node resources are always available for the highest possible level of performance.

Other benefits to the package are powerful blockchain analytics, premium user prioritization, advanced APIs, and WebSockets capabilities. The Ankr infrastructure provides lightning-fast and reliable returns no matter where in the world developers are located.

This can be contrasted to the Ankr free plan, which is still very useful but more limiting in its provisions – nodes are only available in the USA or EU, there is a soft limit of 1 Million requests per day, and rates are limited during high traffic periods.

Speaking on the limited offer, Ankr CMBDO Greg Gopman stated:

“The Ankr Premium Plan offer is unrivaled and it will allow developers to unlock the potential of their Web3 applications easily and without undue restraints on blockchain requests, compatibility, latency, or node distribution.”

Ankr Head of Product Josh Neuroth echoed similar sentiments, indicating that:

“We are happy to provide developers with the tools they need to build decentralized applications without being tied down to a centralized architecture. We know that when we empower people, we all win. Web3 will be built on collaboration more than the competition.”

Ankr is a premium platform for Web3 developers, stakers, and enterprises. It’s the largest node provider for both Binance and Polygon and has the largest enterprise-grade node network globally, allowing for less latency across networks.

Ankr is further building out a new vertical with infrastructure finance and is reinventing DeFi with many creative offerings including Parachain loans and cross-chain liquid staking.

Ankr has recently released two new advanced APIs for blockchain developers. The first allows for effortless querying of large segments of one or multiple blockchains. The other API allows for easy tracking of Non-Fungible Tokens. Both of these advanced APIs are available through the promotion that runs out on April 15th.