High Tech Pet and Amazon Team up to Promote Bluefang Technology

High Tech Pet Products will team up with Amazon for a national launch of its new Bluefang® smart phone controlled, Bluetooth remote electronic dog training, containment and bark control collars

High Tech Pet Products announced today that it is teaming up with Amazon Media Group, Amazon devices, Amazon Prime and affiliate websites to promote the launch of its new Bluefang® products. The new technology allows pet owners to use a smart phone to communicate with a Bluetooth enabled pet collar and extends the working range of Bluetooth Low Energy transmission from its typical 100 foot range up to a distance of 400 feet. The Bluetooth collar can also control pet operated devices such as the company’s Power Pet electronic pet door and Sound Barrier electronic fences.

High Tech Pet plans to launch three Bluefang products on Amazon’s A+ pages in early November and is working with Amazon Media Group to create several other national campaigns including Amazon’s web affiliate program, holiday gift guide and Vine Reviews. The initial Amazon launch will include the BF-16 combination remote dog trainer and Bark Control Collar, the BF-22 collar which adds electronic fence capability and the X-22 which is a complete electronic fence kit with collar, transmitter, boundary wire and flags. All products use a free app for iPhone and Android.

Earlier this year, High Tech Pet announced that it had applied for a broad range of patents covering its new technology.

Company president, Nick Bonge stated,

“There are a few other products out there that use a cell phone to get data from a pet collar but, none work in real time, none provide firmware upgrades to add new features to the collar and none have the extended 400 ft. range of our technology.”

These are key features of the company’s patent applications, according to Bonge. The company stated that products scheduled for release in early 2015 include a dog health and fitness trainer that monitors and guides the real-time exercise of dog and owner. There will also be cellular enabled pet collars that will send text and prerecorded voice messages to the pet owner when selected inputs are triggered on the pet’s collar. Events such as excessive barking, a rise in body temperature, breach of an invisible boundary and others will cause the collar to send a message to the pet owner. The owner can also use their cell phone to respond to the event by remotely triggering outputs on the collar or activating an external device in the home.

“Amazon is the obvious choice to get this technology to pet owners,” Bonge said. “In our experience, the large pet chains are locked into their existing product lines and suppliers and are therefore, slow to move on exciting new products. Amazon can respond with lightning speed. They have the ability to instantly provide the latest products and stream new product information the moment we release it. And Amazon has the capability to fulfill nationwide demand with its numerous distribution centers across the US.”

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