iOS 12

Apple rolls out iOS 12.4.1 to Fix Jailbreak Vulnerability

Apple has released iOS 12.4.1 to the public, fixing a vulnerability that was reported last week that made it possible to jailbreak many recent iPhone models running iOS 12.4. The release comes after it was discovered that Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability that was originally fixed in iOS 12.3.

This patch aims to prevent a serious issue wherein hackers could remotely jailbreak a device and then execute malicious code at the system level.

The bug in question was first reported to Apple by Google’s Project Zero team. Apple detailed the fix in the security release notes for iOS 12.4.

It is highly recommend you perform the system update s soon as possible if you haven’t already.

To check for updates, open the Settings app on your iOS device, and then go to General > Software Update. You’ll be notified if an update is available; If there is, follow the on-screen guidance to install it.