SecureYourCall launches Secure Confi Samsung S21 and Samsung S21 Ultra phones

Safeguard Samsung business-class mobiles against cyber-attacks.

SecureYourCall has launched the latest versions of their “most secure phones”. Fully encrypted phones which promise to provide a multilayer mobile security solution, providing mobile enhanced security whether it is turned off, switched on, or in use.

SecureYourCall, which specializes in providing end-to-end business data encryption for text, voice, and video calls, also provides a safe file transfer option for the best privacy and a VPN encryption connection against hackers and eavesdroppers.

Secure Encrypted Mobile Communication

The accessibility, simplicity, and ease of use made it the most preferred communication tool for business people to share their confidential information over the unsecured public telecommunication networks.

Due to the growing awareness of the public network vulnerability to call tracking and eavesdropping attacks, business people are looking for secure, simple services to keep their calls and text messaging private.

Secure Phone

Using the newest and advanced Samsung mobile devices – Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Utra – with the most mobile security technologies that are based on the Knox security system. The device is protected from the boot-up process up to the Dual Persona user interface, which separates the business applications from personal apps. The device is well protected from malicious applications injection and wired cable monitoring methods.

A Dual-Personal Solution is possessed by the Confi solution and incorporates two protected and separated zones. The Personal Space is for the users for their personal usage. The Secured Space is a highly encrypted and secured partition.

In the Secured Space, you cannot install any other apps except the pre-loaded apps. Military-grade anonymous encrypted call app is contained by it between two Samsung S21 Ultra smartphones.

Personal space for the users for installing an application from the Google Play Store is given only for personal usage. It is also protected from the injections of viruses.

  • It only entertains only the Play Store apps.
  • The blacklist or whitelist apps are restricted.
  • Voice recording to the secured apps is restricted.
  • USB data/apps injection is disallowed.
  • USB data/apps injection is blocked.
  • It disallows BT data or apps injection.
  • Keyboard replacement is disallowed.
  • Download-Mode on boot is disallowed.
  • Developer options are disallowed.
  • USB-Debugging is disallowed.
  • Factor-reset is disallowed.
  • Safe-mode is disallowed.
  • On boot, the storage is encrypted.

A secured, confidential, and encrypted partition is installed with the secured applications to facilitate anonymous encrypted end-to-end telecommunication.

  • Secured and encrypted apps are only allowed.
  • Apps installation is disallowed.
  • Voice recording is disallowed.
  • The screenshot is not allowed.
  • USB data/apps injection is disallowed.
  • It disallows BT data or apps injection.
  • Data sharing is disallowed.
  • Keyboard replacement is not allowed.

Securing Your Private Calls & Chats

SecureYourCall provide end-to-end secure chat, calls, video, and files transfer communication with solid encryption protection. They give each user an inbound number (not their private SIM number) to keep his identification anonymous while communicating confidentially.

Network Anonymity

A virtual number is provided for registering popular applications (like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) in the Work business area to keep the user private when there is a need to stay anonymous. The user can still register the same applications in the Personal area with their private SIM number.

SecureYourCall security system protects your mobile device from hackers. It makes sure that you enjoy apps in privacy. It also implements Samsung’s Knox Multilayer Security into its system to protect your Samsung business-class mobile devices.

The SecureYourCall device is covered by a Samsung warranty and can be serviced by any authorized Samsung dealer. It is continually updated to include the most recent Android and Samsung features as well as security fixes.