Synaptics Wireless Dock

Synaptics launches First True Wireless Docking Experience

Synaptics has launched the Gemini reference design that delivers the world’s first true Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless docking experience for notebook and laptop PC users.

Gemini comprises a unique suite of tightly coupled Synaptics hardware and software elements that securely connect with a docking station or wirelessly enabled monitor when brought within a pre-set range.

It does so with full dual-4K display capability and ultra-low latency that is indistinguishable from wired connections. Gemini was demonstrated at CES 2022.

“The game-changing experience that Gemini presents derives from Synaptics’ approach to innovation that makes the end-user experience central to all product development,” said Saleel Awsare, SVP and GM of Synaptics’ PC and Peripherals Division.

“With Gemini, we’re providing a new way to untether universal connectivity and enhance productivity for nomads in a hybrid work environment that will finally realize the vision of a complete clean-desk experience.”

Synaptics Wireless Docking

The suite of hardware and software elements are:

  • The BCM43752 Wi-Fi 6/6E radio
  • The DL-1950 video interface IC with DisplayLinkTM dynamic graphics compression technology that automatically adjusts based on available bandwidth under ever-changing RF conditions
  • A Synaptics-developed Media Agnostic USB (MA-USB) interface that allows all devices to connect to the dock side while managing messaging over Wi-Fi
  • The VS641 network processor system on chip (SoC) that manages the radios and performs the MA-USB virtualization
  • A Wireless Dock Connection Manager that works with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to ensure a seamless and secure connection when the user is within range

“Wireless docking that is secure, intuitive, and additive to productivity has proven elusive, but its time has come,” said Patrick Moorhead, President, Moor Insights & Strategy.

“Pervasive high-speed wireless, combined with nomadic work-from-anywhere employees, have made frictionless hoteling and hybrid offices an increasingly critical part of the future enterprise IT infrastructure.

It’s just waiting for the right mix of technologies to make wireless docking secure and reliable. The Gemini platform appears to have that mix and may kickstart a whole new approach to PC and portable device connectivity.”

Gemini initially focuses on notebook PC docking, but the technology is applicable across a wide range of applications such as tablets, gaming, and virtual reality (VR), that require point-to-point, high-fidelity, multi-stream video over wireless, thereby opening a much larger potential market for Synaptics.

The Gemini wireless dock reference design is available now.