Revocharge, Universal Wireless Charging and Syncing Smartphone Case, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The makers behind the world’s most advanced approach to wireless charging look to raise $100,000 by offering 50% off MSRP to early supporters for Revocharge.

Revocharge, the makers of the world’s most powerful and versatile wireless charging smartphone case, is excited to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, aimed at raising $100,000 by July 26th, 2014. The money raised through Kickstarter will cover the costs of production and manufacturing, and will also help introduce new audiences to the full-speed sync-and-charge smartphone case, which is initially designed for iPhone 5/5S and Samsung S4/S5’s.

“Revocharge is designed to make mobile phones truly mobile. It gives you the power to charge and sync anywhere, and everywhere, without the use of cords,” said Revocharge founder Cemal Samsilova.

“But it’s going to take a lot of support to bring this wireless charging marvel to the market and let wider audiences enjoy the power of true mobility.”

Through Kickstarter, the company is looking to raise enough money to turn their prototype – which is eligible to receive its complete MFI (made for iPhone) licensing approval upon submission of its samples to Apple – into a reality. Early supporters of the Revocharge Kickstarter campaign will enjoy benefits and rewards for their support, including 50% off the Revocharge iPhone 5/5S and the upcoming iPhone 6 wireless charging mobile case and universal battery, for a pledge of $50 or more. Early backers can also pledge as little as $5 to receive special discounts on the company’s product line.

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Revocharge is a full-speed wireless charging smartphone case initially designed for iPhone 5/5S and Samsung S4/S5. The company intends on expanding its portfolio to include iPads and other phone models. In fact, as part of its initial Kickstarter campaign, Revocharge is offering an Empowered Package for early backers with up to $80 OFF for iPhone 5S Mobile Case + Universal Battery + iPhone 6 Case with matching Universal Battery (iPhone 6 will ship 3 months after release date) for pledges of $120 or more. This will allow early backers to prepare for the yet-to-be-released latest iPhone model!

Revocharge features a patent-pending universal mount that can be affixed to a car mount, desk mount, armband, or belt clip through the use of earth magnets and/or locking structure. In the future, the company intends on adding a bike mount, universal key charger with Bluetooth locator among other products. Unlike other wireless charging devices on the market, Revocharge features Autosense technology, making it capable of providing a full charge – regardless of the smartphone, as well as a direct pin-to-ring conductive charge, meaning no loss of heat or energy during the charging process.

The Revocharge battery simply snaps onto the back of the case, providing enough direct power for a full charge. The battery can then be removed, recharged, and replaced, providing users a constant flow of energy without having to carry cables or cords.

Revocharge is ultra-thin yet extremely durable, measuring in at 13.4mm thick. The easy to access micro USB port provides a simple option for syncing data and music from a user’s desk mount.

During its initial release, Revocharge’s product line will include:

  • iPhone 5/5S Case
  • iPhone 6 Case
  • Samsung S4/S5 Case
  • Desk mount
  • Car mount
  • Arm band
  • Belt Clip
  • Bike Mount
  • Battery packs

Learn more about Revocharge, including how to become an early supporter, by visiting their Kickstarter page here.
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