Magic Fantasy

Web3.0 Game project Magic Fantasy completes $3M private round investment

Magic Fantasy is a Web3 strategic card game on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Web3.0 Game Project Magic Fantasy has completed $3 M private round investment, and was invested by EasyCoins Venture, which will be used on development of gaming, AIGC and marketing promotion.

Magic Fantasy is a Free to Play strategic card game. With their brand new economic model, built by in game token($VOD) and stable coin, $USDT, Players of Magic Fantasy co-share the rewards of the game through winning in PvP season, as they called “Skill to earn”.

At the same time, Magic Fantasy integrate tools of AIGC, all the in-game NFTs at early stage will be generated by AIGC and will release the creation power of equipment, gameplay…etc, so as to motivate the players become creators.

Founder/CEO of Magic Fantasy, Nick Hau states that,

“We are pleased to complete our funding and strategic corporation with EasyCoins Venture, letting us to see the brighter future of Skill to Earn and creator economy, which can perfectly shown the spirit of Web3.0.

At the same time, we can let our players to better create and enjoy our game, and we can focus on base development, as to provide our game even more possibility”.

Magic Fantasy is a Web3 strategic card game on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Everyone can freely access the game and be provided with great rewards as becoming enthusiastic players, they will be encouraged to co-create.

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