Irish company sues Apple over iWatch trademark

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Probendi, an Irish software development company, is suing Apple for its use of ‘iWatch’ as a Google AdWords term, which directs users to Apple’s store page. Apple decided not to use the name iWatch and instead opted to name it the Apple Watch.

Probendi owns the ‘iWatch’ trademark in Europe, and is less than pleased at Apple using the trademark.

Copyright dispute specialist Barzano & Zanardo valued the ‘iWatch’ trademark at a whopping $97 million and a hearing for the case has been scheduled for 11 November.

A page on the Probendi website states:

“The recent public announcement of “Apple Watch”, the new wrist wearable device/smart watch by Apple Inc., has been preceded and followed by persistent rumors identifying said product with the name “iWatch”.

Probendi Limited hereby informs to be the exclusive holder of the Community trademark “iWatch” No. EU007125347, registered for computers and software effective as of August 3, 2008.

Consequently, Probendi Limited is the sole entity lawfully entitled to use the name “iWatch” for products such as “Apple Watch” within the European Union, and will promptly take all appropriate legal actions to oppose any unauthorized use of “iWatch” by whomever for that kind of products.”

Giacomo Bonelli, Probendi’s lawyer, says that Apple hasn’t acknowledged the software company’s complaints.

“Apple never replied to our requests and objections, while Google said they are not responsible for links,” he said.

Both Google and Apple have declined to comment.